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Dread Master

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As Swami Beyondananda has pointed out with some cogency,

"Just because they're dead doesn't mean they're smart."


Antonin Romanescu

     Status:  destroyed by a mistake in opening the canopic jar containing an efreet, at Rome, 7 April 1933. He will self-resurrect in a week or more. Important note not contained in the Special Session briefing:  his remains must be immersed in running water to prevent his resurrection!


Bakari Thuthmetra

     Status:  destroyed in Paris, April 15th 1933. Also destroyed in Venice, November 1st 1921.


Gertrude Matilda

     Status:  Bakari's procuress, escaped in Venice.


lisping companions

     Status:  up to four of Bakari's associates, possibly serpent-men. Escaped from Venice.


Finn Mac Lannian

     Status:  dropped out of sight in Italy, April of 1933. Except for being short, he's not very distinctive.


Timur Lenk

     Status:  left Italy in a hurry, April of 1933. May have gone to Marseilles.



     Status:  the previous bearer, described in the Special Session document, was destroyed in Rome on 7 April 1933. The current axe-bearer left Italy in a hurry, may have gone to Marseilles. Our Heroes have a description of a missing Italian policeman, who might be the current bearer of the axe.


Eugenia Nicolichna

     Status:  left Italy in a hurry, April of 1933. May have gone to Marseilles.


Marjarida Ferrand

     Status:  left Italy in a hurry, April of 1933. May have gone to Marseilles.


large wolves

     A pair of these accompany Marjarida. They probably are not magically-altered cocker spaniels ...



The following information was provided to Our Heroes at the 1933 "Marseilles Special Session":


Romanescu and His Partners

     Some of the individuals listed here are believed to have come from a world where the Roman Empire
still rules most of Europe, northern Africa, Turkey, some of Holy Land – from Constantinople. The time 
line there is apparently different from the natural timeline here on Earth as that world seems to have 
reached about 1890, at least according to some recovered artifacts ascribed to some of Romanescu’s 
compatriots (see note 1 below). Some or all of these individuals may not be human in nature. (See note 2 
below for information sourcing)
Antonin Romanescu - the "Dread Master"
     Dark brown hair, greying around edges, stands 6ft 1in. weighs between 240 and 280 pounds. Medium build. 
His natural appearance is relatively normal human in appearance. He always wears fine suits with white 
gloves. Observed to be highly resistant to heat, flame, or cold, he seems to collect jewelry and clothing 
with arcane abilities ascribed to them. 
     Had a townhouse in London 1810 to 1817. Believed to have held title to a fortified manor house near 
Lauenburg an der Elbe between 1825 and 1872. Maintained a chateau in Cannes 1917 to 1925. Invested in Bofors, 
Nestle, Daimler, and other companies in the 18th and 19th Centuries.  Believed to have taken a commission 
in the Russian army in the early 19th century. Long-term associate of Basil Zaharoff. May have maintained 
Teresa Zaharoff Damara Mistress in 1927. Other mistresses have included Sarah Bernhardt, Lobov Egorova, 
Vera Karalli, Anna Pavlova, Lilli Langtry, Princess Helena, and Tamara Karsavina.

Bakari Thuthmetra
     Reputed to be a powerful (Stygian?) Creation Sorcerer of unknown age. Obese Asian male, long greasy 
hair, height 5’ 7”, weight est. at nearly 400 lbs. Known to be able to appear as a large (6 ft long 18” wide) 
king cobra. Believed to have a propensity for collecting young children as playthings and sustenance. 
Usually travels in the company of  2 – 4 humanoid appearing individuals wearing dark robes with deep hoods 
and long sleeves. These individuals are noted for their skills in vertical climbing, thrown weapons, 
and whips.

Finn Mac Lannian
     5’1” – Over 1000 years old – looks to be in his 50s. Typically described as wearing a frock coat 
and striped trousers when sighted. Also reported to wear an old gilt breastplate and carries a large sword 
over his back in battle. Believed to have cannibalistic practices, as some reports state he has professed 
to a preference for the base of brain, eye balls, and kidneys “from the most intelligent of animals, don’t 
you know”. Believed to be a practitioner of magic with a strong affinity for Sorcery. He matches some of 
the criteria of a Windigo, according to information provided by the British Special Services Section.

Timur Lenk (Tamerlane) - “The Black Khan” 
     5’4” – 50ish Asian looking, very wiry build. Wears elaborate silk robes and fine leggings and slippers. 
Also observed wearing leather and chain mail and carrying 2 pulwar (?) swords (sharply curved cutlass or 
saber) – one made of a black metal and one clear crystal blade – vibrant blue & green eyes. Animal charmer, 
mesmeric visage. Has been overheard making jokes about how simple it is to change living flesh from one 
form into another, although the observers’ abilities with ancient dialects were not great. Reported to 
have arcane abilities relating to summoning and alteration. Spirit Animal:  one-eyed black leopard.

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Romanescu and His Partners - page 2 of 2
     9ft tall, 450lbs, STR 25  Attractive looks except for very larger (6”) nose.  Pale complexion, Shoulder 
length blonde hair, blue eyes - Physically impressive and reported to be invulnerable except in his navel 
area.  His 2 handed axe (5” long, 2 foot blades, curved spike on end) can apparently absorb life force from 
his prey. In battle he typically is reported to favor thick (double layered black metal) chain mail over 
his chest down to his waist, his arms to elbows, and a hood. He also is known to wear thick darkish metal 
bracers. Speaks English, French, and German fluently, but with a strong Nordic accent.
Eugenia Nicolichna 
     5’ 5” 30s, Pale Blonde Hair, striking Blue eyes, incredibly beautiful, lightly tanned skin. Believed 
to be both a very powerful Healer and earth Sorceress. She is not from Romanescu’s home world. She may not 
be working with his group entirely of her own choice as one report from Russia included a reference to her 
being dragged off in chains by an individual matching the description of Fessacutus while a young female 
child of similar coloring was being held by Timur Lenk. Other reports since discounted include reference 
to an individual of her description (also known as Temno Sumska Deva ('Dark Forest Maiden') belonging to 
the Žvaigždės clan, a noble house of the Great Northern Fomorian race. However as the Fomorians are known 
to have been driven out of Europe over 2 millenia ago, this report from a source not typically considered 
to be highly reliable is not worthy of any additional credence. She is believed to use a small house for 
her arcane work. The house, with 4ft long wooden stilts carved in the appearance of the legs of farmyard 
fowl, is capable of movement. She is also reported to have the ability of flight, through the use of a 
4ft tall marble (grey with gold & malachite) mortar/crucible.

Marjarida Ferrand
     5’ 1” – 130lbs – Dark brown hair with grey streaks, hazel eyes, early 40s in appearance. Believed to 
be a strong Alternation Sorceror (Illusionist). Believed to be from the Corrèze region of France. Believed 
to also be the source of many of the stories of children lured into the woods and disappearing. Known to 
prefer uncooked meat. Observed in the company of 2 large wolves on numerous occasions. 

What (little) is known about Rakshasas
     Rakshashaare carnivorous humanoid hunters, feline, intelligent, highly magic resistant. Their natural 
appearance is as felines that are able to walk upright. They tend to live in packs along with devoted 
humans and normal cat servants. Most reports come from the Near Eastern region and tell of meetings with 
hyper-intelligent, talking Bengal, Sabertooth and Hyrcanian tigers, along with panthers, Machairoduskabir, 
and their ilk. Most reports are of male cats but some females have been seen. The Rakshasa are capable 
of hiding their disturbing appearance at any time, as they can choose any humanoid form at will. 
Anecdotally, Rakshaha’s hands often appear disturbing to most humans, as their palms show definite signs 
of their true form, including pads and claw sheaths. All rakshasas wear human clothing of the highest 

     Note 1:  description of these artifacts is currently available. The anecdotal information came from 
an unrelated report provided to by a long term source in the Müdafaa-i Milliye Cemiyeti (Turkish 
National Defence Agency). 

     Note 2:  information in this report is the same as that presented to the attendees of the 1933 
Marseilles Special Session verbally with projected slides showing artists' renderings of the individuals 
of interest. However, as the report was presented by Lady Ceiteag Inghean, Algernon DeLacy was 
successfully able to request a short written summary of her presentation. It only cost him a lengthy 
private dinner in Marseilles during the final extra short week of the Session, during the same time 
that Miss Qua Lin Worthington was not present. Her sources were apparently a variety of individuals 
throughout Europe. (It would not be unlikely that suspicious individuals might suspect Lady Ceiteag 
to be rather more than the flighty, simpering opportunist she usually portrays.)
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