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EBT Electrical Gear

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     These are of course very general costs; transportation expenses, seasonal variations, supply and demand will all affect these. Also, almost no store will carry even a fraction of this list.


     Availability:  for an ordinary walk-in customer, not known to the seller nor part of their organization, this is the chance as a POWxN%, of at least one item being available. Of course, some locations will have better availability, and having good contacts will also help.


Electrical Gear


notes and game effects




electric arc welder kit, small

24 - 90 amp unit runs on 110 volt power, with 3 meter cables, brushes, ten electrodes. Can weld 3mm thick mild steel in a single pass. Industrial use in EBT.


14 kg

$60 plus

$20 per electrode

analog multimeter

Sears VOM or equivalent. Has leads a bit over 1 m long, with probes and alligator clips. Needs one or two batteries to function; either a single AA, or a D, or a 9 volt and a D or AA (battery requirement varies by model; not provided in cost).


 1 to 3 kg

$8 - 10

electric soldering iron

runs on 110 volt AC (not used locally)





uses some odd dry-cell 1.5 batteries, not included; weight depends on type. Range between two phones is about 30 km.


3.5+ kg


telephone wire

two-wire cable. Dispenser reel of 800 meters.


10 kg


12 volt auto battery, charged

refurbished lead-acid batteries, capacity is not very high


17 kg


12 volt auto battery, dead

ran down, corroded plates, good only for salvage




6 volt "jeep" battery, charged

refurbished; also for several vintage or antique cars.


15 kg


1.5 volt telephone battery

as used in old phones


0.2 kg


14 gauge 2-conductor wire

uncut, unspliced coil of 76 meters. Much cheaper in shorter lengths, salvaged from homes


7.3 kg


1.5 volt telephone battery

as used in old phones


0.2 kg


32 volt carbon filament bulb

life 1200 hours


0.05 kg



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