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EBT Protective Gear

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     These are of course very general costs; transportation expenses, seasonal variations, supply and demand will all affect these. Also, almost no store will carry even a fraction of this list.


     Availability:  for an ordinary walk-in customer, not known to the seller nor part of their organization, this is the chance as a POWxN%, of at least one item being available. Of course, some locations will have better availability, and having good contacts will also help.


 Protective Clothing


notes and game effects




leather jacket

2 points of armor




full leather armor

covers everything but the head; 2 points of armor




football pads

covers chest and shoulders; 2 points  of armor




light mail shirt

covers arms and torso; 4 points of armor




heavy mail shirt

covers arms and torso; 6 points of armor




bulletproof vest 

Class II, in good condition but affected by age; 7 points of armor




biohazard suit

semi-improvised, local manufacture



gas mask, with good filter 



gas mask filter 



gas mask, with improvised filter 



round shield

metal and wood; 12 points of armor



M1 steel helmet

5 points of armor



motorcycle helmet 

4 points of armor




motorcycle helmet with visor

4 points of armor




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