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Pulp Express Cruiser

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Dimensions:  length 55', beam 10', draft 5' 3", displacement about 25 tons.

Performance: there are three propeller shafts:

  • the center engine is for slow speed (11 knots from a Model 671 Gray Marine 100 HP engine), auxiliary power, and battery charging at anchor, with an underwater exhaust silencer.

  • the two outer shafts each have a 225 HP Kermath "Sea Wolf" gasoline engine (inline 6 cylinder 676 cubic inches, OHC, dual distributors and Stromberg downdraft carbs, 4 valves and 2 spark plugs per cylinder, 1100 pounds dry weight - "A Kermath Always Runs"), and will propel the boat to 30 knots (and use 15 gallons of fuel per engine per hour at that speed!).

  • Range 600 nautical miles at 30 knots, or 2,500 miles at 18 knots on 620 gallons of fuel ("white gas" aka unleaded gasoline); or over 4,000 miles at 10 knots using the Gray motor only.

Armament:  none, but a heavy machine-gun could be mounted on the foredeck, along with various light machine-guns here and there.

Crew: just 1 needed, plus any gunners, cooks, etc. to taste. However, an engineer (or mechanically-inclined passenger) would be strongly advised, as this is a very sophisticated piece of machinery!


     The hull is double planked 1" mahogany fastened with monel screws. Sandwiched between the layers of mahogany planks is a layer (or ply) of canvas; the decks are white pine. The cabin will sleep 4 in berths, plus 4 more on pull-outs, settees, etc.; a basic galley, shower and head are installed, along with a 100 gallon fresh water tank. Extras include radio receiver (with speakers in cabin and cockpit); two fishing chairs; fish well; fire extinguishing system; two life rings and eight life preservers; searchlights; and a rubber dinghy on the cabin roof. The bridge and cockpit can have canvas covers over steel tubing frames set up, in case of wet weather.

     Cost new probably $6,000 or so.

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