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Alistair Macdougall

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Background:  Alistair is a member of an outwardly fully ‘europeanized’ Ascended family belonging to the Snake clan. He was raised as a privileged middle son, and as such never really had to try very hard or accomplish anything. His choices for education and occupation were directed by the clan; however, his performance and delivery on his family commitments was only broadly monitored.  He lives in a condominium in Manhattan's Upper West Side purchased for him when he graduated from law school. Until the Critical Shift, he was serving as an in-house counsel for one of the clan’s financial institutions in Manhattan, and living a very low-key life of luxury. He typically gets bored with different hobbies once he reaches an above average level of expertise, and seldom puts in the effort to become an acknowledged expert.


Born: New York City, NY  – August 23, 1977 (33 years old)




  • BA, History, Columbia University - 1999

    • letters in golf, fencing (foil)

    • kicked out of Air Force ROTC junior year for failed drug test

  • MSc, International Business, London School of Economics - 2001

  • JD, International Law, NYU – 2006



  • New York State Motorcycle Junior Operators license – class MJ, 1994

  • New York State driver's license - 1995

  • First Dan, Kendo - 2001

  • Intermediate Cuisine, Le Cordon Bleu, London - 2002

  • NY State Bar - 2007

  • private pilot certification, with instrument rating - 2008


Appearance:  Innocuous, good-looking “suit” - 5’10”, 220lbs, medium build,  brown hair, brown eyes (corrected to better than 20/20 with Lasex).  Small tattoo of a snake swallowing its own tail on his right shoulder. 1” wide tattoo of a green Fucanglong dragon around his right upper arm.


The Fucanglong is the Dragon of the Underworld, and the Dragon of Hidden Treasure.



STR: 17

CON: 11

SIZ: 15

INT: 16

POW: 18

DEX: 12

APP: 16

EDU: 20

HP: 13


Comments (2)

Michael said

at 10:02 am on Mar 17, 2010

My, you were up to no good!

Kevin McHale said

at 6:21 pm on Jan 13, 2010

Stuff he had with him when he was dragged through the Portals:
"Used" condition UPS uniform, inc. short-sleeved shirt, belt, knee socks, shorts, & cap
5.11 CT6 tactical boots
Roller ball pen
Black sharpie
small roll of packing tape
2 cell phones
$300 in 20s and some pocket change
2 'Payasyougo' cellphones w/ 150 minutes each
Small (2") folding multi-tool
Disposable 'bic' lighter
2 pr. disposable rubber gloves
Basic set lock picks & lock gun
Pack of chewing gum
Pocket digital 35mm camera w/ 4gb SD card
Car keys w/ microlight
Wallet & fake ID
CRKT M16 folding knife w/ zytel handle
2 cannisters Mace in belt holster
In a 'fanny pack':
In holster: Glock-18C w/ threaded barrel & 10rd magazine
In fanny pack pockets:
1 spare 10rd & 1 spare 19rd magazine - loaded
Threaded suppressor

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