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Robert Paley

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appearance: sideburns connected to mustache; age: 48 (born 1848)

education and skills:  attended St. Clement Danes grammar school in London, and studied art at Bleriot College in France.

career:  began covering wars in 1873 with the Ashanti War; he's covered just about every British campaign in Africa since then. Some non-British campaigns in South America and the Balkans also were featured in his articles.

organizations and affiliations:  The Illustrated London News since 1868.

staff, family, etc.:  his father was a draftsman and landscape painter.  He has a wife, Georgina; they were married in 1873, but have no children.

residence:   Carlyle Mansions, Chelsea.

quote:  "I hope we haven't missed anything?"



Strength 2, Agility 1, Endurance 5.

Intellect 6, Charisma 4, Social Level 3.



Eloquence 5, Fisticuffs 2, Linguistics 4, Marksmanship (pistol) 1, Observation 7, Riding (camel) 2, Riding (other animals) 1, Theatrics 4, Throwing 1, Wilderness Travel (Foraging) 6, Wilderness Travel (Mountaineering) 3, Wilderness Travel (Mapping) 3.


Languages:  English (native), French (4), Arabi Juba (2), Arabic (2), Swahili (2)



Reporter (twice).


Wealth and Income:

£350. In the Sudan, carries 3 Maria Theresa silver dollars.


Typical Equipment:

Webley Mk III revolver, 24 rounds of .455" ammunition, gun belt with holster and ammunition pouch, pocket watch, binoculars, sketchbook, pencils, pipe, tobacco pouch, matches, sun helmet, sun goggles, handkerchief, pen knife.

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