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Helen Peel

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appearance: mouse-brown hair; weight:  126 pounds (9 stone); age: 28 (born 1868)

education and skills:  educated at home by a governess. A couple of years ago she paid to learn how to operate small aerial flyers.

career:  submitted stories about Africa and India to various publications while she was still married; became a "exploring correspondent" after her husband's death six years ago.

organizations and affiliations:  most recently the Lady's Pictorial, Blackwood's Magazine, and The Comet (news from around the Solar system). She's a member of the Writer's Club, a group of female journalists in London. She's hoping to become a reporter on Mars.

staff, family, etc.:  born Helen King, she married at age 18 (1886) to Arthur Peel, a colonial official; he died four years later.

residence:   London.

quote:  "Do try and keep up, gentlemen."



Strength 2, Agility 1, Endurance 4.

Intellect 6, Charisma 5, Social Level 3.



Eloquence 5, Fisticuffs 1, Linguistics 6, Observation 6, Piloting (Aerial Flyer) 2, Riding (camels) 2, Riding (other animals) 1, Swimming 1, Theatrics 2, Trimsman (Aerial Flyer) 2, Wilderness Travel (mountaineering) 4, Wilderness Travel (foraging) 2, Wilderness Travel (mapping) 2.


Languages:  English (native), Hindi (5), Arabic (3), French (3), German (3), Punjabi (2), Pashto (2).



Reporter (once).


Wealth and Income:

£300. In the Sudan, carries 3 Maria Theresa silver dollars.


Typical Equipment:

C96 Mauser semi-automatic pistol, four 10 round clips of 7.63mm ammunition, shoulder stock/holster on shoulder strap, pocket watch, binoculars, notebooks, pencils, reading glasses, sun helmet, sun goggles, two handkerchiefs, Swiss army knife.

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