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3 pdr QF Hotchkiss Gun (redirected from 3 pdr QF Hotchkiss Gu)

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French Hotchkiss 47mm on the original affût-crinoline ("elastic frame") mount


     Introduced 1886, not long after the 6-pdr and 1-pdr versions, and adopted by several naval and aero-naval forces, including the British (under license by the Elswick Ordnance Company), French (the original military users, as the Canon Hotchkiss à tir rapide de 47 mm), Americans and Russians. For "wet" navies, they are used as defense against torpedo-boats and aerial flyers; they are light enough to be mounted in the fighting tops of capital ships. The gun itself weighs 528 pounds; the mount weighs 1400 pounds. Another mount, made by the Elswick company, resembles an upside-down trash can.


British Hotchkiss 3-pdr on Elswick mount


     After 1894 by a mount capable of high-angle fire was introduced, and became common on naval and aero-naval vessels by 1900.


3-pdr on high-angle mount.


     Common shell is the usual ammunition produced. A complete cast-iron round weighs 5.7 pounds; the nose-fused bursting charge is 2 ounces of black powder; almost an inch of steel can be penetrated. Loaded cartridges cost 2 shillings each. The explosive filler was replaced with lyddite and other early improved explosives starting in the late 1890s; the "common pointed" projectile came into use at that time, also:  a steel shell capable of more armor penetration. The range against targets at the same level, on Earth, is 7,900 yards. As an anti-flyer weapon, the range is only 1200 yards.

     Some navies also stock case-shot for these guns.

     A rate of fire of 20 rounds per minute is possible, if ammunition is located close by and several loaders are working. The sustained rate of fire is 7 rounds per minute.

     In Space:  1889 terms:   3-pounder Rifled Breechloader; 528 pounds (not including mount), £100. Penetration value 1, damage value 1, rate of fire 2, range 2/4. For Sky Galleons of Mars purposes, one of these guns on a pedestal mount, with shield, has a mass of 5 tons (includes magazine and crew).

     Historical note:  the noonday gun in Hong Kong is a 3-pdr QF Hotchkiss gun.

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