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The Swift Comet

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    This was to be the largest and best-equipped ether ship built on ancient Mars. It carried 300 persons to Earth, about 25,000 years ago, and has sat in the caldera of Jebel Marra ever since then.


the Swift Comet, as built 

Hull Size 120; mass 8000 tons
air speed 4, interplanetary speed 3 (ether sail), maximum altitude orbital
powered by energy cells (which convert life energy)
  • life energy beam
  • 14 cannons 
  • non-officer crew:  120
  • topmen (for handling the ether sails):  120
  • officers (including engineers and scientists:  50
    passengers:  10 
optional features:
  • owner's cabin
  • conservatory
  • brig
  • cargo hold (250 tons)
length 400 feet, beam 100 feet


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