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QC Episode 4 Extra - The Upper Nile

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Location - Equatoria


NPCs Encountered


  • Abdul el-Krit, Khemal's brother in Malakal (capital of the Upper Nile).

  • Corporal Gohr Nember, leading the remaining Sudanese soldiers



     This is an optional episode, and is up to the players to initiate. If the group decides to visit the Upper Nile, they can do so either with the Mercury (at some risk --  one character must make an Eloquence roll to convince the flyer's captain to make the trip) or with the Juggernaut.

     The straight-line distance from Dongola to Malakal -- capital of the Upper Nile-- is 663 miles; the Mercury will need to descent to the river at least once to take on water during the voyage.



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