Recon Team R12

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Team Members



name:   Ronnie George Brady          education:  MA Education 1979, U.C. Davis

military experience:  none

birthdate:     1955                              birthplace:   San Diego, CA

age:  33 (was 30 when frozen)          gender:  male

blood type:   O+                                height:    m                      weight:  kg   

hair: brown                                       eyes:  brown                    handedness:  right

position in team:  team leader          security rating:  14           kit:  #1 rifleman


Has certificates for K-12 teaching. Knows a decent amount of French.



name:   Cleveland Charles Carpenter      education:  BA History 1978, Texas A&M

military experience:   Corps of Cadets/Parsons Cavalry

birthdate:       1956                           birthplace: near Bandera, TX

age:  32 (was 29 when frozen)         gender:  male

blood type:   A+                                height:    m                      weight:  kg   

hair:   blond                                      eyes:   blue                       handedness:  right

position in team:  gunner                  security rating: 22           kit:  #17 close assault


A skilled horseman. Knows Spanish.


name:   Trenton Moser                     education:  BA English 1981, Columbia U.

military experience:  none

birthdate:     1959                               birthplace:   Denver, CO

age:  29 (was 26 when frozen)          gender:  male

blood type:   B+                                 height:    m                      weight:  kg   

hair:  dark brown                              eyes:  green                     handedness:  right

position in team:  driver                    security rating:  22          kit:  #11 rifleman


Knows a decent amount of French. STR 13, SIZ 13, CON 13.


name:   Jamon Rosenfeld                  education:  B.S. Accounting 1982,  NYU

military experience:  none

birthdate:  1960                                 birthplace:  Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC, NY

age:  28  (frozen at age 25)               gender:  male

blood type:  other                              height:    m                      weight:  kg   

hair:  black                                        eyes:  brown                    handedness:  right

position in team:  observer               security rating: 22           kit:  #2 grenadier


Very capable with the Project personal computer. Knows Spanish and a bit of Hebrew ("Just enough for my bar mitzvah."). His mother was Puerto Rican. Wears glasses (nearsighted).


     Frozen in the spring of 1985.

     Their vehicle was a machinegun-turret V-150 with 4 crew. Their default mission was a general "check on current population centers, industrial recovery, environmental conditions and the location of atomic detonations." They were awakened by an uninformative signal in 2137, and when they tried to make radio contact with the Project were actually in contact with the Airborne Regiment. They traveled to Canada and all 4 team members were captured.

     They do know a bit about the Foundation and the Purity Corp (they were active for a few weeks before being captured).

     Their vehicle is in the hands of the Airborne Regiment, in good condition; all of the useful ammunition stocks have been expended, and the fusion reactor is providing power to the Lake Louise facility. The Canadians have kept the computer and laser disc reader with the vehicle, since "local" power supplies are subject to voltage fluctuations, brownouts, outages, etc. The wheels were removed and sent to replace those on the R-44 vehicle, damaged in combat.


Standing Orders


     They expected to be awakened a very few years after the War.  

     The goal of the Project is the continued survival of human civilization after the War. The standing orders for every team are to:

     All the team members knew that the Project had large amounts of "reconstruction supplies" stashed in various places.

     In essence the plan was:  Recon teams would scout around, mapping the good and bad things; MARS teams would suppress some of the bad things, Science teams would look into and solve the other bad things.




     Their bolthole was in California, in the coast range north of the Bay Area.

     For security purposes, they only knew the location of their own bolthole and of their team's six supply caches. The team was letting their computer and Autonav handle the detailed locations of their caches, which are known to the Canadian government, and two have been emptied:



     The team knows about the amount of information given above, without their Autonav.


Radio Frequencies


     The team is assigned ten FM voice communication frequencies:



A couple of other important FM channels:



     Note that changing these frequencies on their PRC-68 radios will require a successful Electronics skill roll if your skill is less than 40%; a failed roll (especially a fumbled roll) will result in channels not being usable. The PRC-70 vehicle/backpack radio is much more flexible; the HF band covers a lot of aircraft and marine channels, though it requires a long antenna to be really useful. 

     HF channels to watch: