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Spectator Sunday 12 June 2140

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Oregon Spectator

"Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way"

Oregon City, Sunday June 12th, 2140


California Liberation Militia

Return to Oregon City


Thousands of Miles Traveled  Across America


     Sergeant Major Tubbs and his unit of freedom fighters returned to Oregon City four days ago, after an absence of more than four months.

     They brought with them an armored truck, much larger than any seen in the Willamette Valley in living memory.

     Sergeants Cooper, Davis, Gootz and Pettigrew were all in good health. They brought back a large quantity of trade goods and useful items from distant lands.

     The Spectator hopes to print an account of their travels in our next issue.

Spring Chinook and

Summer Steelhead

Promise Heavy Runs


     Communities along the Middle Fork, the McKenzie and both Santiams report plenty of action for these fisheries. Bass fishing is also reported as very good.

     The springers are reported to be strong and fat; the runs should peak in early July. They are running 14 to 16 pounds, with a few over 30 pounds; market prices are above 2 cents per pound, cleaned weight.

Communist Spies Hung at

East Hill


Kingdom of Tualatin

Suppresses Red Infiltrators


     Four spies from Astoria were hung a week ago at East Hill. The King of Tualatin's guards detected the spies printing and distributing seditious literature, and conspiring at the overthrow of the rightful lords of the Willamette Valley.

     A reward of $200 is offered by the King for any Communist agents apprehended by Valley residents.


Royal Montanan Regiment

Training with New Rifles


Sewers and Water

Pipes Laid at Newtown


     Our reporter in Newtown has provided a first-hand description of the improvements made there since the Montanan party arrived last September.

     The land has been re-parceled, and several civic improvements constructed:  a school, fire house, library, barracks, armory, town hall, hospital and jail. A boat house, ramp and dock are now standing about three miles south of the town. Advisors from the University have been very helpful in designing the new town. Only a few families are still living under canvas roofs. A manor house is under construction for Her Highness Princess Vita.

     With help from various communities, the Newtown militia has been put on a more permanent footing. Over a thousand troops are now armed with modern rifles, including some cartridge-firing weapons.

Dredging Completed on

Willamette River


Steam Boats can now Travel

160 Miles South from

Oregon City


     Tilley Harris, in charge of the year-long Willamette dredging project, gave a speech in Corvallis last week, in which he said the year-round channel was at least eight feet in depth the entire distance. A snag boat will remove trees and other debris from the channel.

     Some of the tributaries will also be dredged, pending agreements with communities along the shores. The Long Tom River is to be the first of these, allowing steam boats to travel as far upriver as Sunny Mountain.


Horse Fair at Benton

County Fairground


Many Fine Working, Riding, Dairy and Eating Animals


     Next weekend, June 18th and 19th, will be the summer horse and pony fair a mile west of Corvallis.

     Besides auctions and sales, races will be run both days. Other livestock will also be shown and sold, along with saddles and other equipment. A rodeo will take place on Sunday the 19th.

     Special steamers will run the 110 mile trip from Oregon City to Corvallis on Friday through Monday next weekend. The fare will be 50 cents; boats will depart from Oregon City at 7 a.m. each day except Monday. The upriver trip will take 12 hours; return trips will take 8 hours. Horses and freight must be shipped before Friday if they are to arrive at Corvallis for the fair.

Rail-way Opened to

Satori Springs


Construction of Bridge Over

the Molalla River Underway


     A four-mile southerly extension of the rail-way has gone into service, connecting the town of Satori Springs to Oregon City by rail. Trains are running daily.

     A bridge is being constructed over the Molalla River, to allow the rail-way route to extend further south, with the goal of Mount Angel Abbey. It will also carry a lane of the Cascade Highway over the Molalla, eliminating the need for the ford at Mulino.

Weather Report


     Moderate temperatures, no rain, some fog and overcast last week.

     The New Moon is on June 14th. The sun rises today at 4:25 a.m., and will set at 7:59 p.m.


  This is just the front page of a four-page newspaper. Advertising, farm and weather reports, and VERY local news fills much of the rest.


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