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Pulp 20' Motor Cargo Launch

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length 20' 2", beam 6' 10", draft 25", displacement 3000 lbs without cargo or passengers, or 5000 lbs normally loaded, or 6000 lbs with maximum load.

speed:  8 knots from 24 HP Gray Marine gasoline engine, with a 6 volt battery. Cruising radius 55 miles.

armament:  none.

crew:  just 1 coxswain, though in military service one or two extra sailors will be aboard to handle the boathook and lines. Thirty passengers can be carried, although there are not seats for more than 8.


      The hull and frames are of teak, sheathed in copper. A canvas spray hood can be set up on a tubular metal frame.

     Equipment carried aboard includes a set of tools and repair parts, a horn, flashlight, marking and running lights, 2 semaphore flags, a national flag, a flag and staff at the bow, a galvanized anchor, a sea anchor, a bilge pump, 3 sets of oarlocks and oars, various ropes and lines, a 3 gallon water breaker, an 8' boat hook, 6 life vests, a medical kit, and a fire extinguisher.


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