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Savant Vehicles

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Savant Wallim patrol car


note there are no visible windows ...


4x4 wheeled armored car, driver+gunner. Powered by a 90 HP multi-fuel V6 engine, can run on methanol, most petrochemical fuels. Armed with two remote machine gun turrets, on hull rails. 3.5 meters wide (2 meters wide across armored hull), 6.1 meters long. Empty weight 2000 kilograms, max weight 2500 kilograms.    

Armor value 19.


Savant Zephon land cruiser



4x4 wheeled armored car, driver + 3 passengers. Cargo space has volume of 1.6 cubic meters. Military versions have a double-leaf hatch over the rear seats, providing access to a pintle-mounted machine gun. 2.8 meters wide (1.9 meters wide over armored hull), 6.3 meters long. Empty weight 1500 kilograms, max weight 2300 kilograms.

Armor value 16, but can be treated as value 18 on sloped surfaces.


Savant Morael armored car


4x4 wheeled armored car, driver + gunner + 8 passengers. The engine is a turbo-supercharged multi-fuel V8 diesel of 240 HP; top speed is 90 kph. The vehicle can ford in water up to 1.75 meters deep, and climb a 30% grade. Fuel tankage of 270 liters is sufficient for 1100 kilometers of range. Armor is 25mm of aluminum; equipment includes radios and a full NBC protection system. Usually fitted with a manned or remote turret, with one or two light or heavy machine guns or grenade launchers; there is also a version with only a cupola and ring mount for a machinegun, which an accommodate 12 passengers. The passenger compartment has two roof hatches (meant as firing positions) and large double doors at the rear; low doors on the sides are present for the use of the 2-man crew. Length 5.3 meters, width 1.9 meters, roof height is 2.3 meters, empty weight 9.5 tons, max weight 12 tons.

Armor value:  22 points.


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