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O66 Current Equipment

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Watch Over and Guard Us 

     This page is to keep track of changes to Omega Team O-66's gear.




     The team has various Project-issued ordnance:

  • Wyeth Derwin has a #11 rifleman kit, which includes a Stoner carbine, a HP-35 pistol, 4 (now 3) frag grenades (I think he threw one at the Midway fort), a smoke grenade, and a CN-DM gas grenade.

  • Joe Hopper has the same #11 kit (a bit scorched), and doesn't need it much (he's blind now). He fired off 30 rounds of 5.56mm and 12 rounds of 9mm before the player-characters found him. JD has Joe's weapons, iirc - Kirk ... seems reasonable - Mike

  • Marvin Dominguez has a #9 close assault kit, which includes an Ingram M10 submachine gun, a HP-35 pistol, 2 frag grenades, and (remaining) a white phosphorus grenade.

  • Robin Miller's personal effects box contained a HP-35 pistol.

  • At least 6 Low Maintenance Rifles from the trailer (see below), with 6 magazines each, moved to the Ranger; and a box or two of 5.56mm ammo.


Other Morrow Items


     A Cadillac-Gage Ranger, in the "Omega team" configuration (no top hatch, no weapons, bench seats on both sides in the back). Two spare tires are carried on the roof; a wheelchair and several hundred LRP rations are carried inside. The water tanks and jerry cans have been filled. A "chest of carpentry tools" has been hauled into the Ranger, from the "Shelter Assistance" set; probably also some tools from the "infrastructure equipment" stores. See the "initial equipment" page.


     The entire M971 trailer #4 (filled with rifles, coveralls, and ammunition) is coming along, pulled by the International semi-tractor. Two stretchers and a wheelchair have been tossed inside, along with at least one complete "Neighborhood Defense" set, the IFAKs from some other Neighborhood Defense sets, and a couple of big cardboard boxes of institutional-grade toilet paper from the "infrastructure equipment" stores.



Captured and Purchased Items


The Cool Bus




    • a gasogen-powered shop vehicle and fuel transporter. It's got 400 kg of charcoal, two 200 liter water barrels, various repair tools, and lots of spare parts for various Doom Rider vehicles. It has seats for the driver and four passengers inside, but more than a dozen could be crammed inside among all the rubbish. An aluminum step-ladder has been lashed on the roof. A CB radio is installed (and a lot of random radio bits are in the spare parts bins).

      • the only power tools are a small lathe and a drill press. There's a grinder "powered" by a foot treadle.

      • besides the tools and repair parts, there are hundreds of pounds of food, random ammunition, tattered and dirty clothing, stained leather jackets, dented motorcycle helmets, scratched and foggy sunglasses and aviator's goggles, various tarps sheets and pillow cases, Mason jars and coffee cans filled with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters (and some casino tokens, etc.), knives and other melee weapons, a couple of jury-rigged crossbows, ratty old pornography, bits of lumber, dented M1 army helmets, tobacco products, jugs and bottles of hard liquor, records and audio cassette tapes (mostly heavy metal), some luridly-labeled VHS tapes that might be played (Blood Orgy of the Vampire Vixens, Blood Drinking Freaks, and The Hard Ride), a kerosene-powered blow torch, drugs (pills and powders, hard to identify), a few car repair manuals, a nest of yellowjackets, some improvised body armor (sort of football-pad style), gas masks with no filters, gas masks with improvised filters, gas masks with old non-working filters, semi-useful binoculars, cans of black paint, paint brushes, a Monopoly set (missing the metal figurines), pencil stubs, corn cob prongs, long-dead air fresheners, a couple of kerosene lanterns and some kerosene (or equivalent fluid), broken clocks and watches, rusty gun parts, grenade-making parts, a small keg of black powder, bullet molds, a lacquered frog band, a bucket of lead chunks (mostly wheel weights), a bucket of random empty brass cases for ammunition, a box of large pistol primers for cartridge ammunition (labeled "Made in Styx" with an iron cross symbol), various random firearm accessories (magazines, slings, scopes, speedloaders, clips, etc.), jars of grease or venom or jelly or god-knows-what ... almost everything is crusty and rusty, dented and scratched.

      • there are two roof-mounted weapons:  a 40mm grenade launcher (smooth bore) at the rear gunner position, with 6 rounds of black-powder 40mm grenades; and a single-shot .50 caliber rifle at the forward gunner's position, with 10 rounds of dubious 22nd Century ammunition (but smokeless powder, at least). There are no more rounds of ammunition for these weapons in the bus when it was captured.


The Doom Beetle



    • it has a seat mounted where the luggage and spare tire would have been, and a five-barrel 40mm grenade launcher in front of that seat. The launcher can traverse 45 degrees to either side of straight ahead; and almost straight up (if you want to). The 40mm barrels are rifled, in fact. There are two ammo sacks, one to each side of the gunner's seat -- there are 18 rounds of black-powder 40mm grenades remaining. Note that these grenades are entirely pyrotechnic time-fuzed, not impact fuzed, and have little or no fragmentation effect.

      • the former "luggage space" behind the rear seat holds the gas generator; the rear seat hold 84 kg of charcoal. With the driver, gunner, weapon, ammunition, and armor, carrying a front-seat passenger will badly affect the handling and performance.


International KB-8 semi-tractor


it's the one in front


    • built circa 1950; converted to gasogen power; the 100 kg of charcoal fuel is carried in three 200 liter drums. It has a CB radio.


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