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Pratt Magic

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Masonic Wand


This focus is a black wooden wand with a crystal at the tip. It is a focus for Invisibility, a spell cast with the Illusions of Mind and Body Lore (base requirement 6 thaums in ). It's for 30 minutes or less (2 thaums), not complex (1 thaum), range touch (1 thaum), one subjects (1 thaum), subject is mortal or yourself (1 thaum), might barely know the subject (2 thaums). The focus contains value 6 in towards the spell; since the spell only costs 14 thaums, Dr. Pratt needs to draw 2 thaums to power this spell; this requires at least a few minutes.


Practiced Spells


Invisibility: as above; thaumic cost is thus always 7 . By using his focus, Dr. Pratt can get the spell off instantly; even without his wand, he can cast it after a couple of minutes. There's a sort of magical “tardis” noise when the spell is cast and wears off.


Find the Faerie Tricks: using the Lore of True Vision (base 6 ). The spell works within unaided sight (2 thaums); on up to 100 subjects (3 thaums); on unfamiliar illusions (4 thaums); it affects Faerie creatures (2 thaums); this spell does NOT work on illusions created by sorcery (-1 thaum). The thaumic cost is thus always 16 . When cast, a bright light fills the area for a second, fading away to reveal the mundane reality behind the glamour.


Lead Into Gold: using the Lore Universal Alchemic (base 8 ). Duration is one week (6 thaums), range is touch (1 thaum), area is small (1 thaum), subject is lead (1 thaum), familiarity is well-known (1 thaum). The thaumic cost is thus always 18 . When cast, there's a loud, clinging sound; when the spell expires, there's a heavy “thud” noise.



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