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Steam Titan

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     In form, this terrible automaton has the rough appearance of a Roman soldier -- the head is a large helmet, and in fact the large visor can be raised to give the operator a better view (and some ventilation). This is a change from its appearance two or three years ago, when it more resembled an armored Renaissance-era knight.

     At eighty feet in height (size Large, x2), the Titan strikes fear into any people (or animals) it strides towards. A framework of iron girders and beams is covered by red-painted iron plates to form the shape of the automaton; a boiler in the "stomach" powers various steam engines or pistons to move the arms and legs (5 points). The boiler needs to be resupplied with fuel and fresh water every day (6 points); if the boiler is allowed to cool down, it can take up to 4 hours to heat up again to a useful temperature.

     Within the helmet-head, multiple banks of levers, resembling a railway locomotive or switch-tower interior, control the motions and gait of the automaton (1 point). Huge iron feet, wearing iron sandals, stomp slowly forward as the Titan advances (2 points).

     Two small breech-loading cannons are fitted in the head (protruding through slots in the visor when firing), and a steel sword 30 feet long is carried in one of the hands (15 points).

     When walking, the Titan can move at 30 miles per hour; each stride covers 30 feet of ground. Running might be possible, but calls for more Helmsmanship skill than Dr. Schreck possesses.

     It took 58 weeks to build. A crew of ten persons operates it:  4 gunners (including a loader per cannon), 2 engineers, 2 oilers (machine tenders, basically), an assistant "driver", and the driver/operator (normally Dr. Schreck).

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