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Transatlantic Zeppelins

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     The Graf Zeppelin (after 1933) and Hindenburg (from 1936) make trips between Friedrichshafen, Germany and the Americas, but not on a very regular schedule.


The following is all fictional, but proposed in-period.


     Since about 1932 the R-120 class airships Royal Westminster, Royal Kensington, and Royal St. James have maintained a regular route between Cardington, Bedfordshire (about 50 miles from London) and Montreal, Canada. As of 1933, the one-way fare is still £200 per person (50 lb. luggage allowance), although Vickers hopes to bring the fare down to about £150 in a few years.

     The flight takes 48 hours; the landings and takeoffs are conducted in daylight, thus the schedule is:


Transatlantic Airship Service








1 p.m. Mon., Wed.

1 p.m. Wed., Fri.


Montreal - St. Hubert airfield

8 a.m. Wed., Fri.



7 a.m. Mon., Wed.


     There are also Imperial route masts in Cape Town, South Africa; Ismailia, Egypt; and Karachi; but aircraft have proved more economical on the routes to Africa and Asia. A trip or two all the way to Australia have been made since 1931 by one or two of the big Vickers airships.


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