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The Lost Paradise

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The information presented here is not available to all characters by any means.

The referee trusts the players to not act on information their characters would have no way of knowing.



Fort Boise

  • sources:  prolonged contact by the team

Bone City

  • sources:  rumors from River Folk, a couple short visits

The Chinook

  • sources:  rumors from River Folk and at Oregon City

The Combine

  • sources:  contact at Oregon City, however the team has not had contact with any Combine citizens north of the Columbia River

The Democratic Republic of America

  • sources:  limited contact at Bonneville Falls, rumors from Oregon City and the River Folk, and a one-day visit to Astoria

The Hand of Jehovah

  • sources:  rumors from Oregon City and the River Folk

The Klamath

  • sources:  visits by R54 and R36

The Makah

  • sources:  the River Folk and the DRA

The Mountain Walkers

  • personal contacts

The Pale Riders

  • sources:  confrontation and salvage at Bend and Sam Hill Bridge

The Purity Corp

  • sources:  rumors from Oregon City and the River Folk

The River Folk

  • sources:  prolonged contact and membership by the team

Salish Tribes around the Skagit River

  • Very unfriendly to "motor vehicle white guys", due to attacks from the Purity Corp and R54. They speak New Coast Salish, which is a combination of English, Puget Sound Salish, and a few other languages.

The Willamette Valley



Oregon City

  • sources:  prolonged contact (in fact the team has a home there)


  • sources:  limited contact and rumors at Oregon City


  • sources:  rumors at Oregon City and from the River Folk and DRA

The Yakima-Colville Confederation

  • sources:  rumors from the River Folk





     More information here.


Trade categories


  • AG:  agricultural -- able to export agricultural products

  • NA:  non-agricultural -- must import agricultural products

  • IND:  industrial -- able to export industrial goods

  • NI:  non-industrial -- unable to make industrial goods

  • R:  rich -- relatively well-off

  • P:  poor -- relatively


Technology levels


Technology Levels


name and era



Atomic Age, 1980+

might even have fusion or laser weaponry.


Late Electric Age, ~1955 AD

semi-auto rifles, assault rifles, light machine guns


Early Electric Age, ~1920 AD

magazine rifles, hand grenades, simple grenade launchers, semi-auto weapons, machine guns, flamethrowers


Late Steam Age, ~1880 AD

early cartridge weapons, including revolvers


Early Steam Age, ~1840 AD

muzzle-loading rifles


Late Iron Age, ~1770 AD

muzzle-loading smoothbore muskets


Early Iron Age, ~700 AD

bows or crossbows


Bronze Age, ~00 BC



Stone Age, ~3000 BC



     Technology refers to what an encounter group or community possesses, not what they can create. So a Morrow Project team is by default Tech Level A.

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