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MP Bulldozer

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bulldozer with HIAB crane attached


bulldozer with winch attached


bulldozer with ripper attached




     A fusion-powered crawler-tractor, based on the Caterpillar D7G model, but with an armored cab and engine hood. It's used as a prime mover for pushing or pulling loads, a power unit for winch, ripper or crane operations, or a dozer for earthmoving operations and demolition work.



     Extreme-service track shoes, 56 cm wide, are fitted; each track is made up of 38 shoes.

     A complete nuclear-biological-chemical filtering system is fitted, along with a heating and air conditioning system, and a driver's plug-in station for a personal gas mask. A CB radio is fitted, along with the usual horn, blackout and driving lights, flood lights, etc.

     The blade can be detached, and multiple blade types are available -- universal, straight, angled, ripper. At the rear there are mounting brackets and connections for any of three different accessories:


  • three-shank rake/ripper

    • requires 50 liters of hydraulic fluid, weight 3.4 tons



  • winch  and drawbar attachments

    • 30 tons pull, 30 meters per minute, 61 meters of 28mm diameter cable, requires 75 liters of hydraulic fluid, weight 1.4 tons



  • HIAB crane

    • includes two outriggers (not always needed in operation), requires 50 liters of hydraulic fluid, weight 1.5 tons


     Changing these accessories requires at least two persons and a crane.

     The cab, armored engine hood, and blade can be removed for shipping.

     The radiator has 45 liters of water; final drives need 68 liters of lubricating oil total; the hydraulic system needs 102 liters of hydraulic fluid (for steering, braking, and dozer blade operation); and the transmission/steering system needs 70 liters of gear oil.




Crew:  one

Weight:  23 tons in use, 14.6 tons if stripped for shipping (winch 1.7 tons, ripper 2.6 tons, cab 1 ton, blade 3.1 tons)

Length:  6.9 m over blade and ripper

Width:  2.9 m over tracks, 3.7 meters over universal blade

Height:  3.4 meters over cab, 2.3 m prepared for shipping

Ground clearance:  0.33 m (under hull)

Max speed: 

15 kph

Towing:  drawbar pull of 40 tons (without taking the winch into account) 

Fording:  the bulldozer can travel briefly underwater with minor preparation (though it's not recommended, since there's no air supply)

Gradient:  60%

Powerplant:  Mk 1 fusion generator, which feeds a 200 HP electric motor

Electrical system:  24 volt; there are headlights, blackout driving lights, center flood lights, and rear flood lights

Batteries:  two 240 volt Morrow Project vehicle batteries

Armament: none




     This vehicle comes with:


  • plastic box with an operator's manual and several maintenance manuals (including instructions on swapping out accessories)

  • a logbook

  • a dry chemical fire extinguisher

  • a lubricating gun (aka "grease gun")

  • a drawbar pin

  • a 12" long adjustable wrench (mostly for opening various bolted-shut lubrication points)




     Every 10 service hours, grease must be applied to half-a-dozen points; every 50 hours, another couple of items need lubricating, including with gear oil; and so forth at 100 hours, 250 hours, 500 hours, and 1000 service hours, with more and more components needing some attention.


Armor Protection


      The armored cab and engine hood are made of 8.3mm thick "Cadalloy" high-hardness steel. The cab windows are made from 8mm thick polycarbonate; . Resistweave curtains can be pulled down on each side of the cab..


     Game effects:  cab and hood armor value 18, windows armor value 10.

The Resistweave curtains mostly stop spalling, and act as backup in case the windows are missing.


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