MP Electric Mule

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an electric mule fitted with a 106mm recoilless rifle


     Converted from M274A2, -A3, and -A4 "truck, platform, utility" to electric power. Twelve "vehicle batteries" and a 3 kilowatt electric motor replace the 17 HP internal combustion engine, alternator, muffler, original battery, and fuel tank. Top speed is 40 kph; it can operate for 6 hours at full power. Empty weight 400 kg, maximum load 500 kg plus driver. Can be fitted with a weapon (there's a fitting in the middle of the bed to mount a pintle), but it's really intended as a cargo hauler. Amphibious with a lot of preparation of a canvas sidewall, but must be paddled. Two folding troop seats can be installed on the bed. Tires are low-pressure 7.5x10.