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JR Riley Background

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  • 1951, March 29:  born Mission Hospital, Asheville, North Carolina

  • 1968, June:  graduated from Community HS, Swannanoa, North Carolina; JROTC, auto shop, math club, marching band

  • 1968, September to 1972, June:  Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University ("Virginia Tech"), Blacksburg, VA - BS, Mechanical Engineering; marching band (trombone), NROTC (and Navy scholarship), SCA fighter (in the Barony of Black Diamond)

  • 1972, September to 1974, June:  University of North Carolina, Charlotte -- William States Lee School of Engineering, MS, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing

  • 1974, June:  1974, September:   attended Navy OCS, Newport, Rhode Island

  • 1974, October:  1975, January:  attended SeaBee "A" School, Gulfport, MS

  • 1975, February - March:   attended Seabee Replacement School, Gulfport, MS

  • 1975, April - 1980, April:  assigned to Seabee construction project at NSF Diego Garcia, BIOT

  • 1980, May:  ended active duty (still had a 2 year reserve obligation)

  • 1980, June - 1982, May:  employed at the Freightliner Corp. factory, Mount Holy, North Carolina. Renewed his involvement in the SCA (Canton of Aire Faucon, Kingdom of Atlantia) again, now as a siege engineer and blacksmith.

  • 1981, May:  Freightliner Corp. sold to Daimler-Benz

  • 1982, May:  Laid off during staff reduction at Mount Holy factory

  • 1982, June - 1982, February: Eking out a living working as a truck mechanic and making SCA armor.

  • 1982, August - 1983, February:  Morrow Project background checks

  • 1983, February:  recruited into the Morrow Project, began indoctrination training

  • 1983, April - 1984, May:  assigned to construction of E-4 bunker and support facilities in the Mojave Desert

  • 1984, June - 1985, June:  part of Cohort 19 "field training" (the regular type of Project training)

  • 1985, July:  entered cryogenic sleep as part of Team E-4

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