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MP Field Maintenance Accessory Trailer

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     This is meant to support the Field Maintenance trailer -- it's not as useful "on its own" -- when repairing heavy vehicles.

     Based on the U.S. military M103A3 utility trailer. It's a two-wheel trailer with a contractor's/military towing lunette, and a "landing wheel" for when it's not attached to a towing vehicle. The trailer weighs 775 kg without any tools loaded; it's 2.6 tons maximum total weight off-road. 4.3 meters long, 2.4 meters wide, air over hydraulic brakes (and a mechanical parking brake), and (for the Morrow Project) 11x20 tires.

     8 Morrow Project vehicle batteries are fitted, to provide 12,000 watt-hours of electricity (about 1 hour of continuous arc welding); there are four dome lights, and outlets for 12 volt and 28 volt DC power, 110-115 and 23-240 volt AC power, along with a fuse box. There are hose reel connections for electrical cords, and a 20 meter long extension cord with a heavy-duty outlet head.

     The trailer has doors on all sides, a fold-down work bench (with a vice) at the rear, and lots of drawers, cabinets, boxes, racks, brackets, etc.; it contains:


  • a dozen or so 4" x 4" blocks of wood

  • four air-over-hydraulic jacks

  • transmission jack

  • six jack stands

  • two "cherry pickers" -- rolling folding shop cranes (or engine hoists), 2 ton capacity, lift height 2 meters from ground, weight 72 kg each

  • 20 ton hydraulic press

  • two tool boxes of power tools (pneumatic and electric)

  • tool box of large vehicle tools (very large wrenches, etc.)

  • two spare starter motors for big ol' truck or bulldozer

  • two 20 liter buckets of cleaning rags

  • two 1 kg plastic jugs of hand-cleaning soap

  • 100 liter plastic tank of water (empty)

  • 100 liter plastic tank of engine lubricant oil (full)

  • eight 20 liter cans:  2 are marked for fresh water; the others are un-marked, meant for transmission fluid, etc.

  • funnels and hoses for all the fluids

  • four empty truck batteries (as in, not Project technology)

  • four battery hulls (to use Morrow Project vehicle batteries as truck batteries -- battery not included)

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