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Kroger Equipment

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Encumbrance and Movement


  • up to 22.5 kilograms:  unaffected - move 24 meters per round

  • 23 to 45 kilograms:  loaded - Dodge, Climb, Jump, Swim, and some other movement-related skills are halved; move is 18 meters per round.

  • 45 to 90 kilograms:  burdened - Dodge, Climb, Jump, Sneak, Throw, all melee attacks, all parries, and some others are halved; some skills may not be possible:  Swim without flotation aids, for example; move is 12 meters per round.

  • over 90 kilograms:  overloaded - Martial Arts, Sneak, Throw, all attacks and parries, and others are halved; Swim, Climb, Jump, Dodge, and others are not possible. Move is 3 meters per round.


     More details on encumbrance effects can be found here.


Pocket Contents


  • eyeglasses without lenses; pocket protector; pencils

  • item

  • item



  • item

  • item
  • item


Exploring and Hunting Gear


  • .58 caliber muzzle-loading rifle

  • item

  • item

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