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Baron Bodissey

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arms:  Gules, a sixteen pointed mullet Or


     He’s known as a writer, age about fifty. He was in the Orlesian army in his youth, and was present at the Battle of the River Dane (in which the Fereldans won their independence from Orlais); he is one of the few persons to survive being attacked by a dragon (“To my great fortune, the dragon did not realize this facet of my future fame”).

     After the war he traveled widely (and met Dillen Makurrin’s parents); upon his return to Orlais he was briefly fashionable, until society realized he was no longer pretending to play the same “Game” as other aristocrats. A few of his books are still read with relish by young demi-intellectuals and aristo-posers, if they want to be seen as witty and rebellious; but the man himself is never seen in society nowadays. He lives in or near Val Royeaux.


Think Aristotle, Voltaire, Mark Twain, or Oscar Wilde.

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