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Philomene Bettancourt de Castillon

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Philomene Bettancourt de Castillon




Of particular note is the large somewhat faded lyrium brand on her center forehead.  The symbol is the Chantry’s sun in splendor emblem used during the Rite of Tranquility. She is of medium height and build.

Her garments are generally scholarly, well-made, and expensive, if a bit boring; they’re appropriate to a teaching assistant from a noble house in Orlais. They are not the heights of fashionable attire, but they are relatively new, professional & well cared for. Likely they’re chosen by a family member & sent along at seasonable intervals.

Treasured possession: her Much Treasured, Often Thumbed, Commonplace Book (more later) which lists the fears and desires stated above as written by a teenager & her friends. Other trusted individuals, such as her advisor (at Uni) and a few colleagues may also contribute to the book’s contents.



Was enrolled at Univ of Orlais openly approximately a decade ago. (“See? She’s Tranquil now. Not a mage! Why don’t we just endow another Chair in the History Dept. Would that suit? Good, good, she’ll make an excellent student.” –miscellaneous de Castillon family member)

Likely has several undergrad and grad degrees by now.

From letters to the Bursar one might deduce that each semester’s fees are paid cheerfully by the family to keep her there out from underfoot.  (“It would be terribly embarrassing to have her at home, underfoot; it would be rather sad really. So pitiable. Best to have her here at the University where she can do, ahem, useful work.” –miscellaneous de Castillon family member)

She probably appears to all undergrads as the dull perpetual grad student, who can & has been a TA for many classes, knows where all the books are, knows most of the professors and other grad students, yet is about as interesting as a piece of furniture.



 l'Université d'Orlais

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Kirk said

at 9:16 pm on Sep 25, 2019

So many cosplay pics at https://gekroent.tumblr.com/tagged/hawke-cosplay
Very nicely done.

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