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Alain Equipment

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  • Dalish travel hammock & tent 
  • Vardira (trans. farstriker) - ironbark longbow, +50% short range, +100% long range, STR +1 (2), +1 Attack
  • Dalish carrying case for Vardira


Things found in the Professor's house

  • various bottles
  • Anton
    • August ram hide, in good condition
    • bolt of periwinkle blue linen, 4 yds x 48"
    • bolt of plaideweave, 4yds x 36" (yellow & black)
    • freshly dead cat 
    • two mummified cats 
    • healing potion
    • tooth-shaped lapis pendent   
    • toothbrush, never used 
    • goose-down pillow in reasonable shape 
  • Dillen
    • rope & grappling hook in moderate condition
    • jar of balm, Spirit Balm
    • clump of wet, brown/black icky rags that smell awful 
    • rolltop desk in good shape
    • dresser, maplewood with inlay & brass handles 
    • potion holster, 5 loops, 5 lesser potions (2 stamina, 2 lyrium, 1 healing)
    • 3 carat cut garnet
    • four curtains 
    • small nug totem, agate 
    • box, 8x10x6, lacquered preservation box, two large eggs and a white feather (griffins?)
  • Philomene
    • finely decorated silver & copper pendant, possibly Tevinter
    • healing potion
    • crystal griffon, 3" high
    • silver figurine of maternal Andraste with copper and gold accents, 3" tall
    • drake totem, nevarrite (purple stone) 4" long
    • fine and serviceable brass lantern, silver-backed mirrors, used with candles
    • healing potion 
    • healing poultice
    • fine, tortoiseshell hair-brush 
    • fine, platinum filigree dragonfly pendent
    • miniature 14K gold palinquin with silk & velvet fabric
    • bolt of darkened samite, stored in canvas bag 
    • two serviceable oil lamps, topped off with oil 
    • four wooden spoons 
    • glass halla 
  • Alain
    • silver figurine of armored Andraste with copper and gold accents, 5" tall
    • dragonbone brooch, dragon's head with a wing for accent, 2" wide
    • jar of salve, white in color
    • obsidian cameo, 2" wide, of a woman
    • carved lapis goblet
    • cauldron, good quality, 14 quarts, with lid with note that says "add this to the mercy to strengthen the dose" with bottle of Andraste's Grace stems
    • glowstone
    • dwarven plate
    • folded set of linen sheets, full-size
    • wooden wolf figurine, dalish
    • expensive (master) lock pick(?) tool (+2 to Lock Pick) 
    • engraved golden compass 
    • bottle of wine, looks quite old and expensive
    • nice mahogany box, carved inlay, runes around the side  (9"x12"x1")  --- a preservation box filled with drawings of exotic plants



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