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Plans During the House Cleansing

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     If Anton is amenable to letting the kitchen get some use, Alain would like to brew the ingredients for some healing poultices. He does not want to do this in sight of the nosy neighbors. If permission is granted, Alain will head to market to get what he needs for both poultices and lesser healing potions, picking up some lyrium dust from a Carta contact he made the first time he went shopping alone. Also acquired will be some sulphur and other foul-smelling items to throw into the fire in the event Anton wants to watch "Yes, I'm afraid they are an important part of the process. No bad smell, no poultices.  I'll keep the door closed to keep the smell from reaching the neighbors."   


     Alain plans to use the dust to make a lesser lyrium potion and then use drops of that to produce the lesser healing potions. He'll also make poultices using the rest of the elfroot bundles. Spell casting will (hopefully) happen while Anton is out for a drink or other late evening activities. Alain is suitably concerned about being discovered as a mage and won't push if Anton insists on sticking around.


     Alain can make a passable salad, but until the kitchen is truly clean he'll just be boiling water for cleaning and for crafting. Actual cooking skills lay in his future. Attempts to sample his 'cooking' would result in a panicked warning of "Lord Anton! That's a poultice, not a pudding!"




     Anton is only concerned that the house and kitchen be cleaned to a decent standard. Once the kitchen is clean, if Alain wants to be the cook, Anton has no argument at all. Fires and explosions in the kitchen will draw enhanced attention from Anton. Random bubbling pots are to be expected in any well run kitchen, and prying fingers get rapped with a spoon (at least in Anton's experience!). If Alain is interested in cooking for the group, and has any talent at all, Anton will have a quiet word with Dillen about how we can compensate Alain for his efforts to feed the group. As far as Anton is concerned, Alain is Dillen's employee or retainer, and Dillen should be consulted about any work Alain does that is not directly for Dillen's benefit.


      Whilst camping in the yard, Anton will make an effort to speak with the neighbors, or at least the higher servants. His aim is to determine the interests and prejudices of the houses in our immediate proximity.

      He hopes to use this knowledge to find easy buyers for our salvaged items. Lady Hope may well be interested in buying the clothes dresser, with the added incentive of Dillen to man handle it into the house and position it to her liking!

      Serviceable clothing was not an item on the loot list, but there must have been some, right?

      Broken musical instruments would also be of potential value in gaining favor with Lady Fae.

      Books on interesting topics might have come to the surface of the pile. We could have built a pile of books to sort at leisure. We do want to offer the more academic titles to the department chair/new Professor of Natural Law at the University (Professor Brookstone). Possibly at quite a discount, depending on what we have been able to flip for cash of the furniture and debris we have salvaged from the house. Anton is quite willing to donate to “good causes”, knowing that a good reputation will do us far more good in the long run than any amount of coin we might realize from selling off salvaged items.

      Once the spiders are well in hand, we might have a cleaning party, enlisting the aid of some friends we may have made in Val Royeaux to give the house a decent once over. If we are to live here for weeks, Anton will not want the miasma of mold, mildew, and Tarantula Dander to haunt his every sleeping and waking moment. Room in the house can be offered for the most enthusiastic or entertaining helpers. Anton has noted the number of Rooms Wanted advertisements, and senses Opportunity!


     The kitchen will be scrubbed down with boiling water and harsh soap before anything resembling food (or medicine) is allowed out of it.


     We can hope that we can find a student with some familiarity with the creation of edible food.


     Rooms upstairs will be cleaned to a basic level, and the occupants may do more should they choose to.




      "Oh, no, Alain is her ... uh, his own man. We came to this city together, but he's never asked, or agreed, to serve. I'm sure he'd be very good at it.  Uh -- I've never hired anyone."




     Ah yes - if you are looking to try to salvage stuff for charity, you can certainly do that. There is definitely a lower grade of stuff that Alain keeps 'pilfering/setting aside' that somebody will want in the Alienage but nothing of that seems of any particular great value.


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