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Creation In The Fade

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Chapter 79

Creation In The Fade


9:30 Dragon, 16th of Solace, Fireday - Summer


      Our group consisted of:


  • Eornan

  • Alpheus

  • Bran

  • Landon

  • Alistair


     Our Heroes were still trapped within the Fade, with no clear way out. Strange architecture and landscape was warped about us; there was no certainty of which direction was "up", let alone east, west, north or south. Jagged rocks floated in the sky, some with buildings on them. The rocks and buildings sometimes had "windows", black or white -- but nothing beyond the openings.

    A few topics came up, not all in order; they're presented below slightly more organized.


Our Legacy


     Bran said it was time we think about what sort of apprentice we might want to have, and what we hoped our legacy would be in the world. Bran noted that our ambitions outstrip our numbers and felt it was well past time we sought recruits. Landon thought that a chirurgeon, especially one with magical ability, would benefit the world; as for a legacy, "Well, besides the defeat of the Blight, and the overthrow of Loghain and Howe, and the restoration of the Wardens in Ferelden ... I suppose the safety and liberation of the Korcari people." Bran scoffed at the idea of defeating Elysia, the Praesul of Arksmonten, certain that without blood magic the city would fall.

     Others of us had differing hopes for the future: Alpheus was concerned for his family; Eornan would restore the Dalish to their rightful place among the nations; Bran hoped to pass on his Helwyr heritage and move Fereldans towards broader acceptance of mages and elves; Alistair ... [I didn't catch his response]


Is all of that about correct for people's "hopes and dreams?"


     The Helwyr spoke further about the future of Ferelden -- he was imagining an organization to bring magic out from the Circle of Magi, out from under the thumbs of the Templars, Chantry and Wardens, and to serve Man more widely that the current system. This order would be a source of healing and comfort to the people of Ferelden. The order would also be trained to deal with threats beyond the reach of local lords, particularly in empty lands between their own bannorns, and on the fringes of the kingdom. The order would answer and assist the banns if asked and would otherwise refrain from intervening in local issues.

     While serving the nation of Ferelden, some sort of council or conclave might direct the formation and activities of this new group. Some number of towers or fortresses, abandoned or over-run by the Blight, and within the King's authority to assign, might be available for this group; and of course forgotten fastnesses in the heart of the forests, or springing from the flanks of the mountains, might be claimed without any (legitimate) objection.


The Nature of the Fade


     What we could do to return from the Fade was also discussed. Creating tools or architecture was tried:  Landon and Alpheus were able to each imagine some plates, each with three roast chickens on them, but the plates and food had only the look of real meals -- their consistency and edibility were about the same as rubber or clay.

     Landon carefully cast a Stone's Throw spell, to see if that magic would be useful within the Fade:  no! While he did appear where he'd intended, he was pale and shaken -- the "stone" had been like water, or smoke, and he'd had to paddle and flail to prevent himself from falling through the rock and out the "underside."

     One thought:  if we could sleep, would we awaken back in our proper bodies?


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