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IE The Spaceflight Group

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The Spaceflight Group (TSG) is a privately-funded aerospace company set up by Xena.com founder Neil Glasscock. The company is building a spacecraft capable of single-stage surface-to-orbit flight. According to company statements, they plan on flying their first ship, named Enos, unmanned in 2011, and manned in 2012.


Since its founding the company has been notoriously tight-lipped about its plans. Although the company was formally incorporated in 2004, its existence only became public in 2007, when Glasscock started buying land in Texas and interested parties followed up on the purchases. This was a topic of some interest in local politics, and his rapid aggregation of the lots under a variety of whimsically named shell companies was referred to as a "land grab".


The Enos spacecraft is controlled entirely by on-board computers, without ground control. The fuselage is roughly conical, with a rounded base, and roughly bullet-shaped overall. It is launched by an engine powered by metastable helium. Four landing legs containing shock absorbers extend from the edges of the bottom. The craft is named for the first primate to survive orbital flight.


The company's headquarters and manufacturing facility is at 760 San Aleso Avenue, Sunnyvale, California.


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