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IE Journal 4

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On 48 Rising 597 HE, a group of rebellious nobles had deposed the rightful ruler of the planet, Count Feodor Abnaya, on the grounds of his cooperation with a squadron of Kerrn warships. The coup had involved the planet's only Hammer Lord, Sipahi Omalley, one of the two Anvil Lords (Sipahi Wong), and half-a-dozen ships from beyond the system. 


The six ships weren't entirely needed for the coup itself, but rather to overpower the Kerrn squadron upon its return. And in fact, when the Kerrn ships showed up in orbit on 68 Rising, the combination of the local gunship, the mercenary and anti-Kerrn forces, and the Kerrn's unwillingness to fire on human vessels led to the Kerrn squadron's quick surrender.


However, several dozen assault landers and escape pods were launched by the Kerrn squadron just before the surrender; following these small craft, and capturing the Kerrn who attempted to escape, took the coup forces a couple of days. The Kerrn themselves were confined on an island, guarded by one of the mercenary vessels. Once the Kerrn were all accounted for, the mercenaries and anti-Kerrn nobles turned their attention to the Council of Barons (as the coup government had named itself), and demanded a meeting at the former ruler's palace. A bit of renegotiation of the terms of their agreement began on 71 Rising.


The HQ section of Sipahi Wong's Anvil company had been mostly at Alpha City (pop. 15000) that morning, dealing with some disturbances among the ghetto Kerrn (pop. 200). Only the comm/sensor sled was stationed at the palace; when Lord Tweesdale and Lord Porimoko showed up with their dozen Anvil-equipped troops, apparently the comm/sensor sled crew was asked to "move off or open fire, your choice" -- they elected to move off, and call their CO.


Meanwhile, the Count and some loyal nobles, along with the remnants of an Anvil company, had escaped from the coup forces, and fled across the main continent. Now they were hiding in the "romantic bowers and lodges" of a huge hunting preserve 1000 km from Alpha City. The preserve's "Silvan Guard" was brought under the command of the 1st Anvil company remnants, commanded by Sipahi Nogura. Three weeks of bickering, blame-throwing, desertion and excessive caution had not improved the Count's chances of being reinstalled as ruler of Burano. The likelihood that some of the timid nobility who had followed the count might secretly inform the Council of Barons of any plans or developments was noted.


We have a page on the background the the coup.






Rebels/Coup - the Council of Barons


  • Ostrich  gunship (Sipahi Omalley, local Hammer Lord) - in orbit
  • 2nd Anvil company (Sipahi Wong, local Anvil Lord); 197 men, 25 grav sled variants. Only nominally an Anvil unit; actually only the officers and NCOs are in Anvil armor, the rest are in ballistic vests and helmets. HQ section, 3 rifle platoons, scout platoon, weapons platoon. Riflemen carry assault guns; rifles (for snipers) and machine guns (for support weapons); jack guns or handguns for pilots, techs, crew, etc.. The weapons platoon has 3 heavy assault lasers (each mounted on a grav utility sled) and another grav utility sled carrying a mortar (and ammo) and an Anvil missile launcher team (and ammo). Most sleds mount a machine gun. One platoon at each of the five regional palaces (closest palace to Alpha City:  3400 km); the HQ section is at the count's palace near Alpha City.


Burano - Anvil light infantry company, command section TO&E            
Company commander (I), executive officer (A), first sergeant (A), quartermaster (A), medic, 2 comm techs, 2 sensor techs, 2 armorers, 1 machinists, 1 maintenance chief, 4 sled drivers. Vehicles:  command sled (CO, 1SGT), comm/sensor sled (XO), logistics sled (QM), maintenance sled. Weapons:  4 machine guns (sled mounted), 8 handguns, 9 jack guns, plus appropriate weapon for the Iron armor. 1 man in Iron (Index 4), 3 men wear Anvil armor, 13 wear ballistic armor. 


  • nominally, the Alpha City police:  13 including port security, plus 3 reservists. No armor, slugthrower pistols, little electric police carts.
  • personal security teams for the various lords (not entirely to be sneezed at).
  • some of the rebellious lords may actually be willing and able to wear their Iron (Index 4).


Mercenaries and Anti-Kerrn Forces


  • Jugenthi  Hammer Frigate (Lord Tweesdale -- an anti-Kerrn activist) - at Alpha City starport
  • Bolovan  Hammer Frigate (Lord Mogvor -- another anti-Kerrn activist) - in orbit
  • Battancade  mercenary Corsair (Lord Porimoko), at Alpha City starport; ship's 12 Anvil troops and an armored utility sled at the main palace
  • Chesley  mercenary Corsair (Lord Dimichek), with 12 Anvil troops and an armored utility sled - guarding the Kerrn prisoners on a remote island
  • Amagiri  mercenary Escort (Lord Rogers) - in orbit
  • Hethro Pel  mercenary Escort (Lord Delopez) - in orbit




  • Spirit of Retribution  assault carrier - damaged, captured, in orbit
  • Spirit of Victory  assault carrier - damaged, captured, in orbit
  • Spirit of Hope  assault carrier - severely damaged, captured, in orbit
  • ~180 ships' crew and troops - confined on an island, guarded by the Chesley




  • remnants of 1st Anvil company (Sipahi Nogura); 25 men, 5 grav sled variants. 7 are officers and NCOs in Anvil armor; the remainder are infantry in ballistic vests and helmets. Assault guns, rifles and machine guns only. Almost all in the Hunting Preserve.
  • 5 companies of Silva Guard (forest wardens, 1500 men total); no armor, rifles or handguns only
  • personal security teams (not very many)
  • two of the loyalist lords (including Nogura) possess their Iron (Index 4), and are still able and willing to wear it.
  • the 5 Terrans.


N.B. - jack guns won't penetrate Anvil armor; machine guns will (with some difficulty). Sipahi Wong is the CO of the 2nd Anvil company; the first sergeant is also his stentor. Wong, however, is inside the palace taking part in the negotiations; he's probably wearing his Iron.


The complexes to the west and northeast are the compounds of minor nobles, with a central manor house surrounded by gardens, fields, and peasant housing. The terrain here is nearly flat, with broad meadows separated by hedges and narrow strips of trees. Only buildings over 4 stories are marked in the city; the starport features a terminal building, a hangar for small craft, a service vehicle building, a couple of guard huts, and a hydrogen storage tank (well away from the other buildings). The palace, and the manor houses, are one story buildings (though usually with very tall peaked roofs). The temple resembles a Gothic cathedral, with a nave about 150 meters long; the main tower at the west end is topped by a large "burning wheel" (with smoke and flame roiling around it); to the sides are flat, round masonry platforms, scorched and pitted from funeral fires.



And that's how it is, mid-morning of 71 Rising. Our Heroes decide to visit the Kerrn ghetto; the Kerrn "telefon" worker along the highway (name of Mavis) is happy to point out the building with the green stripe again, and (after a few hints) advises them to try Mump's (a Kerrn restaurant). The Terrans drive their stolen workvan into the city; the streets are strangely deserted, and many buildings have their security gates shut. Only a few juvenile delinquents, and a primitive police wagon, are seen moving. A radio message from the steward Klaus informs Our Heroes of a single gunshot out at the palace.


The Terrans enter the 25 story building containing the Kerrn ghetto, and go up to Mump's. A few seguridah Kerrn give them a very efficient pat-down, and they sit down to a nice, deep-fried-snickers-bar sort of lunch. Mump is an older Kerrn; it quickly becomes clear that he's an important fellow in the ghetto. The Terrans spill their story to him, and give him one of the libbers; he takes them into his back-room shop and quickly scans the file. Whatever is on their convinces him of the Terrans' veracity (more or less); he explains that none of the local Kerrn have had any real contact with the Kerrn from the ships. Mump does know that three Kerrn from the ships are at the palace -- probably the captains.


Mump agrees to help, just as another radio call from the Klaus arrives:  Lord Tweesdale is leaving the palace, headed back to the starport. As the Terrans jump to their feet, Mump promises to find crews for the ships at the port, but makes it clear that Kerrn cannot be seen as taking charge of aggressive action.


Out on the street, the Terrans find their vehicle un-molested, and head over to the port; the Kerrn are a few minutes behind. The two police officers at the port gate are easily overpowered, and their uniforms donned by two of the Terrans. Burns, Black and O'Reilly sneak into the unsecured "emergency vehicle building" and find a large fire-fighting/rescue grav sled (about the size of two fire trucks side-by-side. While Burns tries to get it moving, MacDougall and McClellan saunter over to Tweesdale's frigate; a luxurious grav limo stands on the tarmac near the lowered ramp. The limo driver (a local) says Lord Tweesdale went aboard a few minutes ago; the two disguised Terrans try to look official-yet-unthreatening, and stroll up the ramp ... meanwhile, the rescue sled is slowly sliding across the tarmac towards the corsair ... and a few of the Kerrn are arriving (from the "ghetto protection unit").


A few minutes of frantic gunplay, neck-breaking martial-arts, and door jimmying later, the two ships are in the hands of the Terrans. Lord Tweesdale is dead, kneeling in his Iron on the frigate's deck, blood running down from the open visor; one of the Kerrn is also dead, and McClellan [I think] is seriously wounded; MacDougall is also winged by a slug. The truckloads of Kerrn rush over, and begin warming up the ships to lift off.


The captains of the remaining mercenary ships (Lords Rogers, Delopez, and Dimichek) are contacted, and a deal is struck. The Jugenthi and Battancade lift into orbit, under the command of the Terrans. After a space battle lasting less than an hour, Lord Mogvor and Sipahi Omalley capitulate; little damage is done to any of the "loyalist" vessels.


The ships land back at Alpha City, and shortly thereafter Count Abnaya and his court arrive. There are some speeches and congratulatory fanfarade; in the background, Macdougall and some Kerrn can be seen carrying items out of the corsair Battancade, much to Lord Porimoko's dismay.



Five days pass, of feasts, recuperation, and distribution of largesse (including several sets of Index 1 Anvil armor). The Kerrn-ammah will provide a crew (3 engineers, a pilot and an astrogator) for the Jugenthi (now renamed the Spirit of Vinland), and the Terrans will bring them to Omshiip. In a touching ceremony at the Mundus temple, McClellan, Black, MacDougall and Burns are raised to the nobility, and given crucis implants (and have their heads depilated).


The Terrans plan to spend much of the voyage learning how to operate the ship.

  • Hadrian Black wants to learn Vacc & Zero-G, Astrogation, Helm, Sword Attack and Sword Parry, and Martial Arts; and update his Computer Use skill.
  • "Lord" McClellan will start with Anvil, Weapon Ops, Vacc & Zero-G, Helm, and Engine Ops. He'll be doing some teaching of Martial Arts, as well.
  • "Lord" Burns will study Vacc & Zero-G, Anvil, Engine Ops, Etiquette, Iron, and History (which is pretty clearly more of a Lore and Legends skill)


The ship lifts off on 76 Rising, 597 HE; on to Journal #5.



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