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Pulp East Indies Station

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     This information was current as of 1932; in particular, the cruisers swap around with other RN cruisers by 1934-35. In command is Vice Admiral Sir Martin Dunbar-Nasmith, VC, CB; his flagship is currently the HMS Hawkins. Of note:  Admiral Dunbar-Nasmith received his VC while in command of a submarine during the Great War.

     This station patrols the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, the eastern coast of Africa down to (but not including) South Africa, and the Indian Ocean. The fleet's main bases are at Colombo, Trincomalee, Bombay, Basra and Aden.


Fourth Cruiser Squadron


     By 1935 this will have three different vessels, but here's the known set:


  • HMS Hawkins:  Captain ...
  • HMS Emerald:  Captain J.W. Clayton
  • HMS Enterprise:  Captain R. B. Darke, DSO




     The sloops are about 1000 tons displacement, with a couple of 4" guns as main armament, depth charges, and a crew of just under 100 men. They all date from the Great War. 


  • HMS Fowey:  Cmdr. Sir Philip W. Bowyer-Smith, Bt.

  • HMS Shoreham:  Cmdr. J. Harding

  • HMS Bideford:  Captain E.C. Denison, MVO


Special Service Vessel


  • HMS Triad: Captain L.G.E. Crabbe, DSO - SNO Persian Gulf. The Triad was a 1212 ton yacht (!), taken over by the Admiralty during the Great War; she carries two 12-pdr guns.


Surveying Ship


  • HMS Ormonde:  Lt. Cmdr. D.H. Fryer. The Ormonde was built as a 1320 ton minesweeping sloop.


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