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Falk Character Types

Page history last edited by Michael 10 years, 4 months ago

The Rules provide for a number of Characters. Some discussion of possible choices follows:


  • Adventuress: always welcome

  • Anarchist: not a good choice for this group (which, if not lawful at all times, certainly will have no truck with Radical Socialism)

  • Brownies and other Faerie: only if you absolutely must ...

  • Calculation Engineer: just don’t expect to haul a multi-ton Babbage engine everywhere.

  • Detective: Hard to drag around the world, sometimes -- perhaps too “middle class”

  • Dashing Hussars and Other Army Types: old regimental chums are always welcome, don’t ya know? Harumph!

  • Demimondaine: ooh, just what Countess Ostrowsky’s already soiled reputation needs ... fun, fun!

  • Diplomat: it’s not all striped trousers and cucumber sandwiches, you know

  • Dragon: no. Just plain no.

  • Dwarf: sure -- note that there are only male dwarves

  • Explorer: a grand choice

  • Gunslinger: ah, the colonials ...

  • Gentleman Thief: ... and other Slightly Fallen Heroes

  • Gentleman and Lady: always welcome -- all the possible quirks and Eccentricities of the British and Continental mind can be accommodated here, with room for a few Latin American and Asian oddballs, too.

  • Inventor: note that Extraordinary or Exceptional Invention is required for any of the Truly Marvelous engines and machinery of destruction.

  • Journalist: always welcome.

  • Mad Scientist: always welcome, but see Inventor

  • Mastermind: but no dastardly villains, mind you.

  • Nobleman and Woman: See Gentleman and Lady, .

  • Performer: Ah, how terrifically ... daring ... and ravishing!

  • Physician: Tch, tch, another limb carried away, Count Ostrowsky?

  • Rogue: sure you’re a cad and a bounder, bent on the ruination of your good name, fortune, and the fair sex . .. but you’re having fun at it!

  • Scientist: not so mad or necessarily bent on Invention.

  • Secret Agent: very fun. The Cheka, the Confederate Secret Service, the Prussian Secret Service, agents of the Emperor of Brazil, Montenegrin separatists, thieves of every national or industrial secret ...

  • Soldier of Fortune: always welcome.

  • Steam Engineer: good Tinkering is useful here. The hissing, clanking machinery needs tending, you know.

  • Wizard: note that Good, and only Good, Sorcery Ability is required to become a Wizard. No character, Wizard or not, may start with more than Good Sorcery.

  • Writer: always welcome. “As Major Parapthet turned towards the immense serpent, his monocle glistening in the sun, he showed little concern for his missing upper limb ...”


As the Game implies, most of the following are important:


  • Name:

  • Where From:

  • Current Home:

  • Upbringing:

  • Appearance, Including Clothing and Style:

  • Best and Worst Qualities:

  • Notable Moral Principles -- If Any:

  • A Short Phrase Describing Your Personality:

  • A Few Favorite, Valued, Treasured and Disliked Things and People:

  • What are You Proudest of? Most Regretful or Ashamed Of?:

  • Do You Have Nemeses:

  • Any Notable Memberships, Alliances, or Other Bonds:

  • Current and Past Romantic Life:

  • Any Goals: Social, Professional, and Romantic:

  • What Have You Been Up To Lately:


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