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Sumter Cannonball

Page history last edited by Michael 10 years, 4 months ago

The Sumter Cannonball is the dreamboat of Captain J. T. Calhoun, CSN, and the masterpiece of Mr. Broward, its chief engineer and inventor of the Broward Drive and the Broward Galvanic Shield. The ship is a luxurious riverboat built to a grand scale, with 5 decks, a crew of 40, and optionally a further staff of 60 for the 300 passengers she might carry. 


The vessel is defined as Immense [x5], capable of travel by air or sea [10 + 10], powered by a boiler (wood or coal burning, or even solar powered) [5 + 5] or a black powder trunk engine [5], with the ability to operate for a week without refueling [8] and a sternwheel for motive power [5] in the water, and more mysterious methods [5] in the air. It is controlled by either of the nautical-style ship's wheels (one in the pilot house on the sun deck, and one on the observation deck) [2]. Finally the Sumter Cannonball is equipped with four fin-tipped bombs [5] and a rapid-firing artillery piece [5] which can be stowed out of sight with the mounting hidden. All told, the Sumter Cannonball required 310 days to build, at a cost far exceeding £13,000 -- considering the fine appointments Captain Calhoun prefers, it is safe to presume a final cost of £40,000 to £65,000. 


Beautiful as she is, the Sumter Cannonball is entirely unarmored and vulnerable to fire; unless her Broward Galvanic Shield is operating! Her construction specifically avoids the use of iron or steel whenever possible, and her shape is in any case not one that would lend itself to the application of armor. The Galvanic Shield is built on the same principles as an Infernal Weapon, though it might be more apt to describe it as an Infernal Nui... er, Defense. In operation, the Galvanic Shield uses immensely powerful electromagnetic fields [10] to protect the riverboat. The shield's projector is a Huge device [x4], capable of destroying house-sized projectiles or blocking the effect of Horrible Infernal Weapons [12]. The Galvanic Shield generator projects the shield outwards through an abundance of apparently ornamental metalwork that decorates the outer structure of the vessel. When active, the shield extends for hundreds of feet around the generator [4]. It is controlled by large electrical knife switches with thick cables leading to the generator [1]. The Shield Generator itself has not been described -- it's kept very secret by Calhoun and Broward. The final cost of the Broward Galvanic Sheild as fitted to the Sumter Cannonball is a minimum of £4,500, and required 108 days to build. 


A smaller demonstration model of the Galvanic Shield has been constructed. It is a Small device, capable of stopping Fearsome Infernal Weapons. The demonstration model required 19 days to build, and cost at least £800. Currently, the demonstrator is installed within the Grand Saloon of the Sumter Cannonball, protecting the captain's podium.


All told, Captain Calhoun has invested at least £60,000 in the riverboat and its equipment. 


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