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Vidan Equipment

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  • Spiritblade : as per Xambrians
  • Meditation Stone : from the King of Omen; +3 to meditation; doesn't detect as magical
  • Lead Luck Medallion:  doesn't detect as magical, but may have no effect either!
  • Black Star Sapphire  Ring : Influences people to be well-disposed; +3 Charisma
  • Silver Mesh Gauntlets : as per Xambrians
  • Defense Aura Bauble : water globes appear; three times per day, 26 pts of defense
  • Belt Buckle of Speed : +2 Speed
  • Healing Charm Trinket : heals 15 pts, three times per day, when 5 hit points or less
  • Brass War Hammer:   Your basic light war hammer but with a solid brass head and a steel handle. Enchanted for battle versus devils (+4).
  • green weird eye from Black Savant:  can let you read and see
  • Medical Purge Elixir (1 dose) : 
  • Healing Elixir (4 doses) : 
  • Solimorrion's Symbol of Protection:  tattooed on his left forearm, just above his gauntlet. After one round of studying the tattoo, he can use the next round to create a Circle of Protection up to twenty feet in diameter. It will defend him and up to six others against devils, demons, spirits, or magic (depending on which type of Circle is drawn). I'm not sure if it "detects" as magical, but apparently it doesn't need to be attuned and apparently doesn't count against the Seven Item Limit.


  • black spangalor armor 
  • black vest
  • black tunic 
  • black breeches
  • loincloth 
  • high black boots
  • camp gear and bedroll
  • harness 
  • 2 waterskins
  • 2 or 3 throwable knives
  • wristblades
  • whipsash 
  • short bow 
  • quiver with 20 arrows
  • extra bowstrings
  • bracer and glove
  • ball of twine
  • rope 
  • cape 

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