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Flame and Flume!

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12th of Ardan, just after the setting of the suns. As Our Heroes discuss schemes and plans with the gnomekin, a rushing, splashing noise is heard -- the dam has been breached! A wave of muddy water washes over the party and the gnomekin; Vidan gets quite a mouthful of water. A party of Arimite soldiers shows up almost instantly, and arrests Aldak, Puliko, Vidan and the gnomekin for dam-breaking; our protestations of innocence (and implausibility) are ignored. Keja and Dragonlily escape the round-up.


At the fort, the prospect of a night in an Arimite jail inspires the group to try and make the 300 gold lumen bail. A handful of Aldak's gold coins are dispelled and proven to be magically created; so instead Our Heroes put up a soulstone, Vidan's sword, and the dagger from the Shadowstrike Set. The gnomekin are denied bail.


Meanwhile, Keja and Digg are looking around in the darkness for Dragonlily. The damage to the dam was not extensive and is soon repaired by the busy miners; only a few outlying tents were washed away by the flood. The bailed-out heroes join Keja; after some pondering and questions, Digg is sent into the Gem to find the muse. After a bit of delay, a rock with Digg's finger tied to it is throw at Our Heroes.


Out of options, Our Heroes meet with Shaytham, and agree to put the Belle out of business. The items left as bond will be left at the watchtower, along with Dragonlily and Digg. A bit of scouting and lurking, waiting and scheming; and then late at night, Our Heroes are in line to meet the "dancing girls" at the Belle. At a word, the attack begins; the entrepreneur and his two guards (a thrall and a Danuvian) are very skilled and well-equipped, but a riot begins in the Belle as Our Heroes make their escape, dancing girls in tow. Outside, the Aamanian missionary calls down lightning on Keja, and a mob tumbles out of the Belle, driven by offers of bounties for recapturing the dancing girls. Our Heroes rush to the watchtower, which collapses more-or-less spontaneously.  Dragonlily isn't there, but the items are; so the group dashes to the head of the flume, and jumps into the flume boats.


(Dragonlily and Digg have met and led away by the gnomekin ... )


Alas, some of the pursuing mob reaches the flume, also; most annoyingly, the Danuvian guard jumps into the first pursuing boat (along with an Arimite). The ride of a few miles downhill to Lake Venda is quite exciting, what with speeding and rocking flume boats, and an aggressive Danuvian coming up fast from behind. Eventually, the Danuvian and her boat are 'scuppered', but not long before Our Heroes and the dancing ladies are dumped into Lake Venda. The party drags itself (barely) ashore -- Aldak in particular has trouble swimming with his armor -- and slogs over to the nearest mill.


The staff of the mill agree to have Our Heroes and the dancing girls take a pole-barge across the lake and down the Axis River to Shattra. The journey along Lake Venda and down the river will take several days ... the first day is 13 Ardan.



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