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Millhaven - Amano Zimar's Strange Fate

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Ardan 19


A day of rest ... Our Heroes were pretty tired, and are mostly sacked out at the inn in Millhaven. Some repairs, replacements, and resupply occurs.


Ardan 20


The party heads into the woods to gather components for Keja to create elixirs and medicinal mixtures. Specifically, Our Heroes are seeking balmroot (which is found in marshy ground or wetlands), and cleric's cowl (a small flowering plant); but other, less powerful components are also sought. Among the roots and grass of the forest floor, Keja finds the body of a Zandiran swordsman/charlatan. He was apparently slain about a week prior, by the horn of a behemoth! Behemoths not usually being seen west of the Axis River, this is a bit odd. Upon the corpse we find:


  • black iron mail (with holes front and back)

  • a wizardry spell book, written in Archaen; a bit blood-stained

  • a journal, written in Archaen and also encoded; a bit blood-stained

  • a gold ring with a gem; behind the gem is a sigil or seal in the form of the symbol for Zar (the moon of wizardy)

  • a gold ring in the form of a serpent

  • a money pouch with some coins

  • a crystal which seems to have stored memories

  • a small, sealed gold chest (sealed with the Zar symbol)

  • a magical dueling sword, with a fine scabbard and belt

  • upon the sword belt is a snazzy belt buckle

  • a few other items typical of adventuring equipment


We bury the corpse (with a few coins) and eventually return to Millhaven. As the sun sets, the weather worsens; and a ravir begins perching near the inn and croaking ill-omened phrases ("You won't get away with it" etc.). At the inn, we peruse the journal, and discover that Amano Zimar, a Zandiran Certement, had been on an expedition to Khazad and back, and was perhaps the last survivor of the journey ... well, not a survivor at all, now.


Ardan 21


While Keja works at preparing her medicinal preparations, Vidan and Aldak continue to hunt for herbs and other components. The weather is pretty nasty -- cold and raining -- and Vidan catches a nasty cold. Fortunately, Keja is able to make a cure that evening; but the cure leaves Vidan somewhat wrung out.


After dark, Our Heroes are visited by Kel and the other heads of families at Millhaven. They want us to seek out and destroy whatever malignant force summoned the ghast, and other recent unpleasantry. They place the blame for all of this on Mordante, an infamous magician who lived in the manor long ago.



He claimed to be the a reincarnator, the "last Torquaran" and "Darkest Master of the New Age". He is famous for writing the Black Grimoire and the Necromantium, both filled with vile information about black magic, necromancy, and conjuration. He died (if that is the correct phrase) several hundred years ago.


See the Codex Magicus, page 64.


The villagers think that information about Mordante might be found in the manor; he no doubt kept books and other items there. Our Heroes agree to help.


Ardan 22


Another day of rest and preparation. Many experience points are spent! Keja attunes the dueling blade - it's very powerful! Keja also has prepared eight medicinal preparations (+3 points of healing) ... two each for herself, Puliko, Aldak and Vidan.


Ardan 23


The party enters the manor through the front doors, expecting trouble. The malkin slips inside also, and causes much concern. Our Heroes prowl around the study, and find more writings by the Zandiran alchemist who lived here recently. He speaks of an ominous Altar, and a dreadful Hatch, in his laboratory. Entering the laboratory, the malkin is prevented from causing immediate damage, but seems intent on being (at least) a nuisance. The altar and hatch (in the ceiling) are both visible.


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