Royal Tank Corps

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A tank encircled by a wreath of laurel and surmounted by the Imperial crown.

"Fear naught"


Uniform—Blue. Facings—Black.

Agents—Messrs. Glyn, Mills & Co., Holt's Branch,

Regimental Journal -- "The Royal Tank Corps Journal," Bovington Camp, Wool, Dorset.

Regimental Association—Royal Tank Corps Association, Bovington Camp, Wool, Dorset.

Allied Corps:—

Australian Military Forces.—Australian Tank Corps.


Officer in charge of Record and Pay Office: Carter, Col. E. J. ... 27/3/31

The Barracks, Barnet, Herts.

Assistant Officer: Smith, Capt. E. A., M.C., ret. pay (Reserve of Officers) 9/4/30


Stations of Battalions, &c.


  • Royal Tank Corps Centre ... Bovington Camp.

  • Depot ... Bovington Camp.

  • 2nd Bn. ... Farnborough.

  • 3rd Bn. ... Lydd

  • 4th Bn. ... Catterick

  • 5th Bn. ... Perham Down

  • 6th Bn. ... Egypt

  • 1st Armoured Car Co. ... Cawnpore and Calcutta.

  • 6th Armoured Car Co. ... Peshawar (for Razmak).

  • 8th Armoured Car Co. ... Delhi (for Peshawar).

  • 9th Armoured Car Co. ... Razmak (for Delhi).

  • 10th Armoured Car Co. ... Kirkee.

  • 7th Light Tank Co. ... Quetta.

  • 11th Armoured Car Co. ... Lahore.

  • Central Schools: Headquarters, Tank Driving and Maintenance School ... Bovington Camp

  • Tank Gunnery School and Experimental Section ... Lulworth.

  • Northern Group Headquarters, India ... Rawalpindi.

  • Southern Group Headquarters, India ... Poona.






Colonel Commandant.


Capper, Maj.-Gen. Sir John E., K.C.B, K.C.V.O, retired pay, Territorial Army ... 12/9/23


Lt.-Colonels (8).


Dakeyne, H. W., D.S.O. (4th Bn.) ... 28/2/31, 9/8/23

Forestier-Walker, E. A., (Southern Group, India) ... 27/3/31

Tilly, J. O., D.S.O., M.C. (5th Bn.) ... 1/5/31, 1/7/30

Broome, R. H., D.S.O., M.C. (3rd Bn) ... 3/4/32

Evans, H. L., M.C. (2nd Bn.) ... 21/8/32

Sutton, W. M., D.S.O., M.C. (S.C.) (Northern Group, India) ... 21/10/32, 1/1/21

Costin-Nian, C. B., M.C., p.s.c. (6th Bn.) ... 1/3/33

Reeves, P. J., O.B.E. (depot) ... 1/4/33


Majors (30).


Rosser, G. A. (5th Bn.) ... 8/8/23

Paterson, A. G., D.S.O., M.C., p.s.c. (4th Bn.) ... 8/8/23, brevet lt.-col. 1/1/27

Clifton, A. J., O.B.E., e. ... 8/8/23, 3/6/19

Harrison, M. C. C., D.S.O., M.C. (3rd Bn.) ... 28/11/23, 3/6/19

Grove, J. R. W., (11th Armoured Car Company) ... 7/4/24, 3/6/19

Gambier-Parry, M. D., M.C., p.s.c. (2nd Bn.) ... 7/4/24,  brevet lt.-col. 1/7/29

Howard, W. J. H., D.S.O. (4th Bn.) ... 7/4/24

Caunter, J. A. L., M.C., p.s.c., (appointed to W.O. or establishment) ... 25/8/24, brevet lt.-col. 1/7/33

Paget, L. B., M.C. (3rd Bn.) ... 16/3/25

Darwell, T. H., O.B.E., M.C. (depot) ... 16/3/25

Murray, T. D., D.S.O., M.C. (depot) ... 18/4/25

Dean, H. H., p.s.c. (appointed to W.O. or establishment) ... 1/10/25

Pratt, D. H., D.S.O., M.C., p.s.c. (6th Bn.) ... 1/10/25, brevet lt.-col. 1/1/32

Morrogh, W. F., D.S.O., M.C. (Mechanized Warfare Experimental Establishment) ... 13/10/25

Harvey, H. J., M.C. (8th Armoured Car Company) ... 6/6/27

Pope, V. V., D.S.O., M.C., p.s.c. (appointed to W.O. or establishment) ... 1/10/27, brevet lt.-col. 1/1/31

Hutchinson, C., M.C. (3rd Bn.) ... 1/10/27

Barry, A. G., D.S.O., M.C., p.s.c. (appointed to W.O. or establishment) ... 11/10/27

Shipster, G. O., M.C., qualified at a Small Arms Technical Long Course (appointed to W.O. or establishment) ... 11/10/27

Simpson, G., O.B.E. (9th Armoured Car Company) ... 11/10/27, 3/6/19

Drake-Brockman, G. P. L., D.S.O., M.C., p.s.c. (appointed to W.O. or establishment) ... 16/10/27

Kenchington, A. G., M.C., p.s.c. (appointed to W.O. or establishment) ... 29/2/28, 3/6/19

King, G. R. (3rd Bn.) ... 29/2/23

Roberts, H. G. V., M.C. (depot) ... 21/12/30

Hotblack, F. E., D.S.O., M.C., p.s.c. (appointed to W.O. or establishment) ... 19/1/31, brevet lt.-col. 1/7/28

Molesworth, W. E., M.C. (4th Bn.) ... 28/2/31

Blowey, H. F. T., O.B.E. (4th Bn.) ... 23/2/31

Tucker, F., M.C. (depot) ... 28/2/31

Gross, R. M. W. (5th Bn.) ... 27/3/31, 1/7/30

Rimington, R. G. W. (2nd Light Tank Company) ... 10/4/31, 1/1/31

Bloomer, B. (10th Armoured Car Company) ... 29/5/31

Lawden, G. T., M.C. (2nd Bn.) ... 9/1/32

Gatehouse, A. H., M.C. (5th Bn.) ... 19/1/32, 1/9/31

Hobbs, E. J., M.C. (2nd Bn.) ... 1/3/32

McGoan, A. (depot) ... 17/3/32

Heyland, H. M., D.S.O. (6th Armoured Car Company) ... 21/8/32

Ledward, E. F., passed Advanced Mechanical Course (5th Bn.) ... 1/4/33

Cameron, A. G., M.C. (1st Armoured Car Company) ... 29/4/33

Scrutton, J. A., M.C. (Tank Driving and Maintenance School) ... 20/7/33, 1/1/33


Captains (72).


Subalterns (184).



2nd Lieutenants.


Adjutants (6).






Recruits must be at least 5' 4" tall; enlistment is for six years active duty plus six years in the reserve. Training (at Bovington) takes about six months.


In April of 1934 the 1st (Light) Battalion is formed, equipped with Vickers Light Tank Mark II and Mark III. In about October of 1935 this battalion is moved to Egypt, in light of the Italian invasion of Abyssinia; they return to Britain in the summer of 1936. In March of 1938 the battalion returns to Egypt again, as part of the Mobile Division -- around which the 7th Armoured Division will be formed.




Vickers Light Tank Mark II, Mark III and variants

Vickers Light Tank Mark V, just being introduced 1935

Vickers Medium Mark II** and variants

Carden-Loyd Mark VI tankette

Universal Carrier (aka Bren Gun Carrier), just being introduced 1934

Lanchester armoured car

Rolls-Royce armoured car and tender


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