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Gate Ripper

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The Iron Empires versions are made with Index 5 materials and electronics; they could be produced at Index 1, probably (but with less convenience and safety). The Kerrn produce two models:  the 4 meter aperture, and the 3 meter aperture. Both have a mass of 10 tons, including power supply; they disassemble into ten 1-ton easy-assemble modules. Assembly with lifting equipment (or Iron) takes about 4 hours; without lifting equipment, well, depends on how you go about it.


To assemble and test Gate Ripper:  Electrical Repair skill


Powering up the portal from "cold" takes 10 minutes.


To operate portal:  no skill required for 'random' portal creation; Physics skill required to create coordinate sets.


Installed equipment includes the equivalent of a Model 1 computer to operate the field balancing software (based on Glasscock's code), and to play chess; a 500 kilowatt Model 1 reactor, along with the 100 kg of refined boron needed to operate it for a week; and some kinda-theoretical sensors to inform the operator about how the portal is doing (theoretical since the portal has never worked yet for the Kerrn) and to assist in the creation of coordinate sets. 


The modules are:   power/control unit, aperture base, 8 aperture segments. The base for the 3 meter unit includes small, heavy wheels to allow the portal aperture to be moved (very slowly) through a 4 meter aperture while fully assembled -- if you have a vehicle, creature, or mechanical device capable of pushing about 9 tons along on caster wheels.

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