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Millhaven - Soul Gems and Good Living

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26 Ardan


Our Heroes explore the house. Keja is puzzled and somewhat dismayed by the non-Euclidean layout; there's more space inside that available from the apparent outside structure. She does find a secret office/workroom, though, with a daybed, a desk, and some journal notes written in Archaen.


Puliko investigates the kitchen, and learns a lot about the magical means by which food is obtained. Vican discovers how to get clothing cleaned (using the hampers and wardrobes in the two bedrooms and the bath).


Aldak takes a picnic with Hasama; on the way to the picnic site, he sees a partially-buried Big Statue Head (depicting a demon possibly). After his picnic, but still in the woods, a small devilish imp appears and gives him a sealed scroll.


During and after a hastily-made but hefty dinner, Our Heroes drink a lot of liquor from the wine cellar, and go to sleep -- Aldak and Hasama in the master bedroom, Puliko and Keja in the guest bedroom, and Vidan in a cushion-pillow fort.


27 Ardan


Sometime after midnight, Vidan's cushions and pillows magically 'poof' back to their proper sofas and beds. He's too thoroughly asleep to notice or care. He does end up not sleeping in when morning comes, however! Aldak and Hasama proceed au naturel to the kitchen, to prepare breakfast. Hasama eats a rictus from a cage in the kitchen ... we wonder how it got there.


Vidan spends much of the morning reading the journal of Ceriefseran Yilderay, an alchemist from circa 63 NA. He finds references to the Library in Dream, where this alchemist did some research. It's pretty clear the family is the same:  Ceriefseran the alchemist from almost 600 years ago, and Benefir Yilderay the necromancer from circa 300 NA, plus perhaps Ceriefseran our Seven Kingdoms "boss".


Our Heroes discuss converting some black diamonds into soulstones. The mirror containing Benefir's soul urges us to do so. Vidan objects, and says he'll be going into Millhaven for a few hours.


Aldak, tempted into foolishness, operates the diamond-to-soulstone converting machine, and finds out that he's activated a Terms of Service agreement! A devil appears, and lays out the terms of the agreement:  Aldak must produce at least 1000 carats of soulstones a month for the next seven months; the Company will appear each month to collect and pay for ALL the soulstones produced. Aldak has until sunset to agree, or his soul will be immediately forfeit!


Good quality, well-cut black diamonds cost 100 gold lumens per carat. Poorly-cut black diamonds cost only 50 gold lumens per carat; uncut black diamonds (raw, presumably) cost 10 gold lumens per carat. Does diamond cut affect their utility in holding souls? We don't know. There are 140 carats to the ounce, so about 2240 carats per pound. All of this comes from Talislanta 4th Edition, page 481. Presumably larger black diamonds may be worth more than this base price per carat, due to rarity.


1000 carats of black diamonds weigh about 7 ounces, with a volume of about 5.5 cubic inches (presuming a density about like diamond, and spherical packing). A box 3" wide, by 2" deep, by 6" long, could hold over 6000 carats of black diamonds (a bit more than 2.5 pounds). A 4 carat black diamond is about 1/4" in diameter; a 20 carat black diamond is just under 1/2" across.


Since Our Heroes have at least a couple of boxes of Black Diamonds, it seems possible Aldak can actually make the deal work. Eventually Aldak agrees to the deal, and signs a document in blood. He begins the process of running The Machine, up above the alchemy lab. At least once, The Machine summons a creature which resists.


That evening, Our Heroes set up a more organized dinner, and again drink like fish!


28 Ardan


Vidan finds a nice chair outside, and tries to read the Necromantium. Ugh. Aldak makes more soulstones, and has more unfortunate accidents while doing so. Keja works on elixirs and potions (amberglow, healing, etc.) Another fine dinner that night; Vidan sleeps on the daybed in the (formerly hidden) office.


29 Ardan


Aldak makes more soulstones, and summons a sentient (or at least active) plant. Vidan hunts around the neighborhood for herbs, and visits the village for rumors and news. One useful rumor:  a Saristan gypsy caravan is nearby, and will be in Millhaven tomorrow! Total soul gem production amounts to 1034 carats.


30 Ardan


Our Heroes visit the Saristan caravan; there are four wagons, with almost 50 Saristans. The Saristans are selling trinkets and trade goods, performing entertainments, and passing along news and gossip.


News Items


  • A big demon plant has appeared in Vardune, and is spreading.

  • Horned devil-men are taking part in the war against the demon plant.

  • Casmir is mostly occupied by Ur and other sub-men, many Casmirans are probably still alive holed up in their homes.

  • Cymril is besieged encircled by by various sub-men.

  • Maruk has recently fallen to the sub-men ... we saw it was under siege about 4 weeks ago (when the tornado tore through the sub-man and the city walls). However, the statue of Icon in the mountains near Maruk has started a cult, hopefully protecting many Marukans fleeing from the city.

  • In southern Zandu, near the Sorcerer's Mountain, there is a plague of flying things:  the Swarm. Very bad, apparently.

  • The Tirshata was eaten by his bodyguards. The new leader of the submen is the Demonrider; he is mounted upon a gigantic, demonic spider.

  • The skies over the Kang Empire are different now:  colorful, changing and bright.

  • There have been prophecies of a savior:  a princess from long ago, who will be released from a stasis spell.

  • Magicians in the Seven Kingdoms are trying to repair a magical/clockwork "war giant".

  • Aman and Zandu are making warlike noises.

  • Arim should be avoided:  the Exarch and some barons are fighting, and there are demons on the border.

  • A noblewoman and some scholars found a set of scrolls outside of Zandu; these may contain the secrets to a new (well, really old and forgotten) kind of magic. The ancient scrolls date from before the fall of the cities, and apparently come from Phandril. Some sort of saint, named Andru, is associated with all of this. Perhaps the noblewoman is Lady Guillitonee?


After Our Heroes return to the mansion and have a nice dinner, the scroll is opened. It is in fact a message from Lord Cabbadon, written in Low Talislantan:


"In the land of the Mandolin, outside the city of Jacynth, there is a spirit that has taken possession of a local magistrate. This ghost threatens to take over the city, and change the way it operates entirely. Lung Hundan is the name of the ghost; the name of the magistrate is unknown, but should be simple to identify. You are to travel through the Underworld to Jacynth; reports indicate the ghost will have taken over the town in the next three days. After that date, it will be much more difficult to destroy the ghost."


Hmm, the three days ran out yesterday. Our Heroes prepare to leave in the morning, through one of the various tombs or cemeteries in the vicinity. Hasama will remain behind, to keep an eye on the mansion.


31 Ardan


On to The Brief and Calamitous Reign of Lung Hundan. 8 EP to each character. The Brief and Calamitous Reign of Lung Hundan.




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