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Morrow Project Character Generation 3

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Determine Skills


Occupation and Education


The player by now should have decided on a rough background for the character. Specifically, for Morrow Project personnel, they should choose one or more academic degree programs appropriate for the EDU characteristic; and an occupation that best fits their concept of the character's life. There are a very few specialists who are recruited without having bachelor's degrees -- combat medics are the most common of these.



maximum academic level

9 - 12

high school graduate

13 - 15

bachelor's degree

16 - 17

master's degree


doctorate or multiple degrees


Academic Programs List

Occupations List


Skill Percentages


The percentage in each skill is determined from six sources:  base skill level, academic skill level, Morrow skill level, occupational points, personal interest points and age. Base skill levels are the numbers in parentheses listed for each skill on the skill list; these are the minimums for First World adults in the 1970s and 1980s. Academic skill levels operate like base skills, but represent education via college degrees -- partly as an incentive to match the Project's emphasis on college graduates. Morrow skill level is another "base only" skill, representing training by the Project. Occupational points are a pool to be used to increase skills, from a pre-defined set based on the character's occupation and education (the skills listed for their academic program and degree level); finally, personal interest points are added to any skills.


skill base level

from Skill List

academic skill base level

from Academic Programs List

Morrow skill base level

from Skill List

add occupational points

EDU x 20 but only to specific set

add personal interest points

INT x 10

add MARS points

100 to military background


Occupations and the related skills can also be found in the Call of Cthulhu rules, Delta Green, etc;. No skill may exceed 100% during character generation.

When assigning skill points, the following might be useful:


military rifle qualification

skill %

marksman badge


sharpshooter badge


expert badge (top 10% or less)


sniper course graduate


competitive shooter at national level; or "distinguished shooter" in the US military


Olympic-class shooter


Olympic gold medal shooter



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