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Pulp Odd Items and Notable Loot

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Here's Kevin's original document, and the blank format:


Item Name


  • first seen:  blah blah ...

  • how many:  blah blah ...

  • where now:  blah blah ...

  • blah blah ...

  • game effects:  blah blah ...



Mica Goggles


  • first seen:  on the Lizardmen, and on the Chi-ninja assailants in Mombasa harbor

  • how many:  two sets

  • where now:  among various of Our Heroes (Algernon DeLacy has one)

  • Think of a papier-mâché carnival mask that covers the eyes as well as most of the nose, upper cheekbones and a bit of the forehead. Instead of papier-mâché, the mask is made from "tobacco leaf tan" colored stone. The mask piece has wire earpieces attached with brackets riveted onto the mask. The wire is a (very magnetic) high tensile strength iron alloy. Above where the brackets have been attached are signs of where the mask could once have been attached to a helmet of some kind.

         The lenses are attached to a vaguely face shaped piece of soft stone that was contoured -- some as it was worked. The lenses are about 1.25" across and made of a dingy semitranslucent white/very light grey thin mica-like stone. The stone that comprises the lenses is 'mottled' with other earth tones. The windows were also 'retrofitted' to the masks, as they have been attached to the masks with silvery brackets that apparently replace other lenses that could be slotted into the mask. The brackets were drilled into the existing lens 'slots' in a manner similar to the earpiece brackets.

         All in all, the goggles seem solid and durable, weighing about 5.5 ounces (0.34 lbs). It would not take much work to break off the earpieces or pry off the riveted brackets holding them. The lens brackets are very sharp to the touch but never seem so when the goggles are being worn, although when removed there are ‘wear marks’ on wearer’s face. Removing the brackets would be more difficult and could break the lens slots. 

         Provides low-light vision as well as seeing "auras". Cannot detect non-living creatures.

  • game effects:  if you haven't attuned them, you don't see anything special. Attunement requires a successful POW check vs. 13 POW, and loss of 1 point of permanent POW



Chi-Ninja (Zhao Rang Fan) Small Repeating Crossbows


  • first seen:  in the harbor at Mombasa

  • how many:  four, plus 41 quarrels

  • where now:  in the possession of Our Heroes (Algernon DeLacy has one plus some quarrels)

  • a fragile magazine-fed weapon, made of copper, brass, steel, and several types of wood. The bow cables are made from silver, copper, steel, and animal (?) hair. The crossbows can be fired in an nearly silent manner, given the limitations of the construction of a crossbow and the available materials. The crossbows require 2 hands to operate and are made to be worn on the right forearm. The magazine extends diagonally down along the outer edge of the wielders arm, and can hold six quarrels. The cocking device has a 9 inch pull along the inner side of wielder's arm. Cocking is not at all silent. The trigger is on the left edge near the end of the run of the cocking bar. The crossbow is 12 inches long, and the bow is 10 inches wide; it weighs 3.4 pounds.

  • The quarrel heads have channels formed into them, likely for some sort of semi-solid material (such as poison!). The quarrels are 8 inches long, and weigh about 2 ounces each; they are made of light hardwood with surgical steel points. Successful Library Use and Botany skill rolls will identify the shafts as being made of Chinese mourning cypress. Our Heroes originally obtained 41 quarrels. In theory, additional quarrels could be made after successful research.

  • game effects:  requires STR 11, DEX 11 to operate well. 2 armor points, 4 hit points. Employed with Crossbow skill (20% base), but the weapon adds 5% to the chance to hit. The weapon malfunctions on an attack roll of 90+, and fumbles will likely be spectacular. Rate of fire 1 shot per round, requires both hands. Range increment 20 yards. Damage 1d6+2. In order to use the crossbow, it must be attuned with a POW vs. 11 roll, and the sacrifice of 1 point of permanent POW.



Heavy Blades


  • first seen:  carried by the Chi-ninja (Zhao Rang Fun) assassins in Mombasa harbor

  • how many:  five

  • where now:  among Our Heroes

  • The heavy, single-edged blades are made from Wootz steel; the crosspiece guard is made from modern steel; the pommel is made from red brass. The grips are made from a type of cedar (Japanese or Sugi Cedar, in this case from the Sikkim district in northeast India, near the border with China). Overall length is 18", and about 3" deep, with a thin hand guard. Weight (I'm guessing - Michael) about 2.5 pounds.

  • game effects:  requires STR 9, DEX 9 to use well. 8 armor points, 12 hit points. Damage 1d6. Employed with Dagger/Knife skill (25% base).



Japanese Tracked Submarine


  • first seen:  at the auction in Mombasa

  • how many:  just the one

  • where now:  given into the custody of the British government

  • 33 feet long, 6 feed beam. Twin-screwed, battery powered. Two 6" wide tracks are mounted on the bottom of the sub on 12" deep ridges a yard apart. One periscope and searchlight protrude from the 3 foot tall conning tower, which is located about 2/3 of the way forward. A single rack for mine-laying is located to the rear of the conning tower. There are two hatches on the submarine -- one on the conning tower and another on the deck forward of the tower. The winning bid was £200,000.

  • game effects:  we don't know, we were never foolish enough to use it.



Meso-American Stone Altar


  • first seen:  at the auction in Mombasa

  • how many:  just the one

  • where now:  on the loose, perhaps in Stone Town, Zanzibar under the name al-Madbah, "The Altar of Sacrifice"

  • Dark stone carved into the shape of a stylized winged jaguar with a serpent head. The top of the altar has been hollowed out to a depth of several inches to better accommodate human-like shapes. Three runnels are carved into one of the ends; it is about 5 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 4 feet tall. Weight, 10,200 pounds. 4ft tall, and 3ft wide. The winning bid was $25,000.

  • game effects:  any character with Archaeology skill of 40% or more can identify the altar as Toltec (not Aztec). While its powers are unknown to Our Heroes, it does seem to cause strange, sinister urges in the owner. It can be attuned with a POW vs. 13 roll, and the sacrifice of 2 points of permanent POW.



Meso-American Obsidian Dagger



  • first seen:  March 16, 1934

  • how many:  just the one

  • where now:  Fury

  • any character with Archaeology skill of 40% or more can identify the altar as Toltec (not Aztec). It looks more or less like the picture above.

  • game effects:  it seems to have some effect on the owner



Russian Meteor


  • first seen:  at the auction in Mombasa

  • how many:  just the one

  • where now: 

  • a sort of football--shaped ovoid, about 12 inches by 9 inches by 8 inches, weight 66 pounds. Rough blue-and-black striated rock with greenish seams that have an (un)natural luminosity. It emits about 40 millirems of radiation per hour (about the same as half of a modern medical x-ray). The winning bid was $45,000

  • game effects:  none that we know of, besides radiation.



Agent White Generators


  • first seen:  March 1934 in Rocketship Empires Belgium

  • how many:  three

  • where now:  Qua Lin Worthington, Nora Cullin, and Bill Davis (his is in a London safe deposit box)

  • aluminum (or looks like it) boxes, with a lid at each end. 17" by 8.25" by 5", 6.25 lbs (it floats) - about the bulk and weight of a Kirkland 100 ounce box of oatmeal. When fed with sugar and water in one end, a supply of Agent White pills is produced a few hours later from the other end.

  • game effects:  Agent White



Sword of Semiramis


reconstruction of the Semiramis Sword before it was broken


the arcane glyph on both sides of the blade near the hilt; note that it's mirror-imaged on the other side


shown here after having the broken-off "stump" ground down to a nicer shape


  • first seen:  16 December 1921

  • how many:  unique

  • where now:   with Algernon DeLacy

  • The blade is 43" long, the remnant of what was formerly a 7' long double-edged sword weighing about 24 pounds (presumably it's about 12 pounds now). The blade is 7" wide and between a half-inch and an inch thick, with fullers on both sides. The hilt is about a foot long! The cross guard is 10" wide, and 2.5" thick; the pommel is the size of a door knob. Inset into the pommel is a tiger's eye gemstone.

  • game effects:  unknown, but probably definitely magical



Description altered to more closely match the prop!



Cursed Stygian Coins


  • first seen:  1 November 1921

  • how many:  8

  • where now:  with Victoria May, Algernon DeLacy, Nora Cullin, Clive White, Frederick Willoughby, Qua Lin Worthington, and William Davis (who seems to have 2 coins; the second of which is nonagonal and bears a serpents head)

  • These are silver, square-ish coins, with winged snakes on one side & books (tomes) on the opposite, weight 9gm

  • game effects:  While carrying Stygian coins, a character has +10 to all d100 rolls. They are difficult to dispose of, returning magically to the owner's possession in 12 to 24 hours. More to come

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