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The Most Amazing Man in the Underworld

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37 Ardan, 621 NA


Our Heroes (Keja, Aldak, Vidan, and Puliko) passed through the death-portal from the city of Jacinth, and arrived in some unknown part of the Underworld. In fact, we arrived in the midst of a fight!


One side consisted of:


  • Querence Manghod the Magnificent, a powerful and egotistical wizard, probably a Cymrillian

  • Helen, his imp (a young ... Tartaran?  Devil thing? We've never seen 'her' like before)

  • Zorah, a masked Sepharan monk, with pale white skin, odd "hair", and (we later notice) a third eye in the forehead; following Querence for some reason

  • Eldamir, an Archaen

  • several hellmites


They were being attacked by two nasty, multi-armed demons of destruction; the demons slew Eldamir just after our arrival. One of the hell-mites was thrown onto Puliko's face, and caused some very nasty acid-burns. Keja healed Puliko a bit (though he was still maimed), while Aldak and Vidan slew the demons. After the fight was over, Keja negotiated with Querence, who agreed to fully heal Puliko's terrible injuries. While healing Puliko, Querence removed and kept Puliko's "old" ruined face ... 


Our Heroes buried Eldamir's body, with some magical help from Querence, and Keja snagged one of the demon hearts (Querence took the other). Querence didn't demonstrate any excess of regret about the death of Eldamir.


Querence claimed to be travelling to Temple of the Seven Moons, in Xanadas; we agreed to travel with him for now. The temple is located atop Mount Mandu, largest mountain in the known world, and is home of the Chroniclers, scholarly beings of immense wisdom. Querence's plan was to obtain knowledge from the Chroniclers to prevent Talislanta from dissolving. (Maybe he should also consult with the Callidians ... ). He was being hunted by the Triple Alliance, who are not local to Talislanta; they consist of:


  • the Sepharans:   the nether ones. They seek to "complete the Sephar" -- whatever that means

    • Zorah is a Sepharan, though perhaps not of the faction seeking to dissolve Talislanta

  • the Zoab and the Brood:  Zoab are huge, repellent, gluttonous merchants and plutocrats; the Brood are assassins and slavers for them; both groups travel in void-ships (ref: half-informed speculation on Querence's part)

  • Moebius Cortado: anarchists and nihilists, who wish to destroy the omniverse 


The Druas may also be involved somehow, and the castle of dream (aka "RR42") where Our Heroes spent several months.


a journey of 500 miles in but a single night ... or so it seemed (3 days pass)


The group had pressed on for some indeterminate time in the Underworld, listening to Querence's rather dramatic stories, when we were suddenly attacked by a fire-demon. The demon was supported by two molten-metal spitting demon-automata or statues. Some damage was suffered by Our Heroes in defeating this demon; once again, Keja had to heal us.


After another hard-to-time amount of travel, the party came to a carefully-cut tunnel and stair, which led to into mine. The party continued in underground travels, and came to a large chamber, with small (lit) candles and many large (8" -10") Vajra egg sacs strewn about. The mine is apparently of Vajra construction. Puliko created a portal here, back to Talislanta, and we found ourselves in the haunted egg caverns deep in the mountains at the northern end of the Kang Empire. A Vajra guardian awaited us, and objecting to just about any use of the caverns. The guardian was worried that if we left through the "secret passages", the Kang Empire would find them, and enter the Vajra caves.


We agreed to help the guardian by destroying half-a-dozen nasty Kang warriors; there was a fort with about 60 more Kang nearby. The fort was within a day or two of the city of Karang. All things considered, we apologized to the Vajra for misunderstanding the scope of the task.


"Terra will turn her back on you oathbreakers." Oh well.


We marched all night, and set up camp and slept during the day. Querence had magical spells and items to make camping more convenient. It's now 40 Ardan.



Onward to The Pinnacle of Deceit

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