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Dragon Age - Daniella

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     " I'm Daniella of Redcliffe, born in Dane's Turn, the place I got

 my bow. I promised myself that my past nor the maker burden    

 me any more when my mom and dad, as I was with animals I earned hope and love and I 

 became willing to fight for what I believed in. From that time on I

 believed that I could do anything and in my self."


Human Rogue



Animal Handling, Performance



Stamina, Running



Elven Lore



Bows, Riding, Lockpicking, Legerdemain,  Riding, Trap Making














Human Rogue

Level:  4

Experience Points: 7800

Health: 48

Defense: 14

Speed: 14 

Weapon Groups: Bows, Light Blades

Languages:  Trade Tongue, Elvish

Class Powers

          Backstab - move then test DEX(stealth) vs target's PER(seeing). +2 attack, +1d6 damage

          Pierce Armor stunt costs only 1 point.


          Scouting - novice : can re-roll stealth.

Appearance:  5'7" tall, 120 lbs, about 19 years old. Blonde, blue-eyed, and lithe.


  • Get a Mabari war hound of her own -- and has Fi now!

  • Find and kill dragons

  • Find her seven siblings and discover their fate(s) 

Ties:  to her family, to Bran's Bunch, and to Woevill.

Equipment:  some magical gear, including archery items.

Funds:  reasonably well off


  • Urlrick, father.  An apostate mage from the Free Marches, Kirkwall. Missing, presumed dead.

  • Valerie, mother. A bard, Warden from Orlais. Confirmed lycanthrope, but seems to still have the Warden's sense for Darkspawn. Caught and released.

  • Mercer (m), eldest; mage. Left with Farineya in 920. Never reached Dane's Turn. Missing.

  • Farineya (f), 2nd eldest; swordswoman. Left with Mercer in 920. Never reached Dane'sTurn. Missing.

  • Leila (f), 3rd eldest;  married and living in Orlais since 919.

  • Orli (m), 4th eldest; bard. Left with Marnya and Roi in 923. Seen at Dane's Turn; missing, Verell claims she lives.

  • Marnya (f), 5th eldest; mage (poor). Left with Orli and Roi in 923. Never reached Dane's Turn. Missing.

  • Roi (f), 6th eldest; rogue. Left with Orli and Marnya in 923. Seen at Dane's Turn; missing, Verell clames she lives.

  • Verell (m), 7th eldest; spirit mage. Left in 929 on his own. Found at Dane's Turn, infected with lycanthropy and in self-induced coma. 


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