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Dragon Age - Verell's note on door at farm

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Daniella dear sister,


Thank you so ever much for coming this far. I hope the journey has not left you terribly worse for wear. I am afraid it is only the beginning of the trials to come.


Before all things. You will find the doors and windows of the house locked – so that I might slow you down to prepare you for what might be contained within. Please forgive me but this is not simple, and takes a cool head.


First of all, have a seat. There should be a bench out front, carved of a log. Behind it you will find a mason jar, and a cup. Within it is a tea. It is awful, but pour yourself a full cup. Your companions will need it as well. It is to keep your scent hidden from the Were, but it takes some time to be fully effective, and you have to keep using it, so be prepared to drink the tea with meals while you are here in the forest.


I have also taken some measures that I hope will make the house a safe place at least for a while – maybe long enough to accomplish what you need to. 

Okay, here we go....

How to even start?


Truth be told I never got a chance to find out what happened here at the house, not all of it anyway. But I suspect what happened to me was what happened to our brothers and sisters when they tried to come home.


I was attacked before I ever made it to the farmhouse. A pack of Were seemed to track me very deliberately – almost obsessively, until finally I was cornered and I had to fight back. Maker’s blessing though, I was able to create a large enough display to drive them off – but not before I was bitten. A deep and nasty wound.


I thought I had gotten off lucky. I reached deep into my reserves and saturated it not just to heal, but hopefully to cleanse. I felt good. But it was not to last.


Yes, I am indeed infected with lycanthropy. However, while the disease usually takes about two or three days to overtake it’s victim, due to my gift, I have been able to stand against it for several weeks now as I have been looking for a solution.


What comes next... is why I tried to prepare you to have an open mind. There are many things I am going to ask you to accept and it may not be easy. But please know I’m asking your help not just for me, or even for our family – but for Ferelden as well.


Inside the house you should find (if it went as hoped) myself, in a sort of protected sleep. I did not know how long it would take for you to get here, and I realized the worse my condition became... well, the less likely I might ever recover from it if there was a chance at all.


Now there are two things I need you to do, please forgive me. But I guess if you weren’t willing, you would not have come all this way.


First, you must visit the elves, and get from them their medicine to slow the disease. It’s not going to fix my condition but it should buy time. I could not ask myself, because I feared if I approached them they would not let me leave (as were I they, I would not let someone return to the wild to become a Were). Once you attain their medicine, remember I cannot be woken, yet, so you must find a way to administer it.


However there is no point in going any further until you find out what my current (which is to say how far the disease has progressed until you arrived) state is.


I do not honestly know what you will see when you enter the house. If there is an empty bed, or a sleeping Were, all is lost... or worse, a waking Were... go in armed, and if you find a Were roaming about, kill it and be done – and flee this place. There is nothing to be gained from staying.


So, assuming you were patient enough to not try to pick the lock yourself, the key is hidden in a crack on the west side the log bench you are sitting on. It’s rough, but I’m sure you can manage.


Inside you will find my next letter – it will be on the table. Make yourself some tea... those instructions are there as well.



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