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Dragon Age - Entangled With The Past

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Chapter 9

Entangled With The Past

Or, A Brief History of Lycanthropy, Part II


    In the Fade, Our Heroes took on the appearance and names of ancient elves:


Bran = Carney, an Emerald Knight, in veridian plate armor

Daniella = Brianna, a huntress

Landon = Athras, a mage and healer

Eornan = Ardawn, a scout/guide

Kiera = Ida


     Some of us -- especially Bran -- took on personality traits and distant memories of their ancient selves; we all gained some skills and abilities, such as knowledge of the Elvish language. The Fade had the appearance of the Brecilian Forest about 700 years ago (2:20 Glory).

     We had just arrived at a camp of the Dalish elves; their spiritual leader was Daeglan (pron: Dek-lan). He claimed to be able to communicate with Mythal the Protector, goddess of motherhood and justice. The camp had recently been attacked by shamans and Chasind Wilders, demons and the undead; we helped with healing and comforting the victims.

     Verell, as one of the elves, approached Brianna and told her to "remember the path" -- that would help her to find her mother and three of her siblings.


Legacy Benefits (all get Speak Elven and Elven Lore - Eornan and Keira get Read Elven)

What    \  Who  Bran from Carney Daniella from Brianna Eornan from Ardan Keira from Ida Landon from Athras
Attribute Increases (non-physical) +2 Communication         
Talent Increases

Animal Training, Novice

Armor Training, Journeyman

Command, Journeyman

Two-Handed Style, Master 

Additional Foci Climbing, Leadership, Stealth        




     The next morning, still in the Fade, Brianna told the rest of us about Verell's statement. She noticed that her bow had a magical sigil or rune (adds +6 to-hit three times per day). Ida spoke of another elven deity:  Fen'Harel, the Dread Wolf, Lord of Tricksters and bringer of nightmares.

     Bran was completely submerged in his elven persona as Carney, to the point of not recognizing the name "Bran".

     After some discussion with Daeglan and other refugees, we agreed to scout for a place of refuge -- the elven camp couldn't survive much longer in the face of repeated attacks. Heading into the Brecilian Forest were Carney, Ardawn, Athras, Brianna, Ida, and Maebh, all led by Daeglan who appeared to be following some sort of vision or spiritual guidance.

     We montaged for a few days. At the foot of a mountain, deep in the Forest, Daeglan indicated an old set of stairs, leading down underground. There were some Tevinter carvings over and around the stair entrance; but Daeglan seemed to have some mystical insight, claiming this was the way for us to search.

     The stairs led us down to a set of tunnels and worked passages, with some trapped areas. While negotiating the traps and pits, we were attacked by hordes of spiders! Most were small, the size of badgers or tuna; but a few had grown to enormous size over decades of feeding in the darkness. The spiders threw their webs at us, and injected us with their poison; but eventually they were all driven off or destroyed. Fortunately, Daeglan was able to work a magical spell of poison resistance.

     Further into the tunnels, we came to a chamber with six statues of warriors. We were suspicious, and Brianna led us past most of the triggers -- but eventually, someone's misstep began activating statues, which attacked! During the battle, we discovered that Daeglan also knew a spell which added a defensive aura against a small amount of damage.


+1200 experience points


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