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Cartel Industrial Supplies

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     These are of course very general costs; transportation expenses, seasonal variations, supply and demand will all affect these. Specifically, these are the prices found in Cartel stores. Also, almost no store will carry even a fraction of this list.


     Availability:  for an ordinary walk-in customer, not known to the seller nor part of their organization, this is the chance as a POWxN%, of at least one item being available. Of course, some locations will have better availability, and having good contacts will also help.


Industrial Supplies


notes and game effects




steel angle iron

1.5" by 1.5", 0.125" thick, 20' long with holes at each end. The shop will cut them for $0.10 per cut; holes are drilled for $0.50 each hole. They have a lot of lighter stuff, as well, but not much heavier stuff in long lengths 


11 kg

$1.00 plus

$0.10 per cut

mild steel plate

the thickest available at a Cartel trading post is 0.18" (7 gauge, 4.6mm, 10 armor points), delivered in plates 48" x 96". Trading posts would rather not cut these


109 kg


railway rail

59 kg per meter, price is for 24 meter length with holes at each end, but won't be much less for shorter lengths, due to difficulty in cutting them


1416 kg


expanded steel grating

typical is 1/2" spacing grid, 0.2" thick, sold in 48" x 120" sections


26 kg

$4 plus

$2 per cut

catwalk grating

typical is 0.6" deep, 48" x 120"


72 kg

$10 plus $5 per cut

wire cable, heavy duty

probably taken off bulldozer logging winches. 16mm thick, 46 meters long, safe load 4 tons, breaking strength about 16 tons


49 kg



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