Bruce Edward Morrow

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     The founder of the Morrow Project.




     He is Caucasian, about 2 meters tall, with grey eyes and sandy hair.


Public Background


     Born in Oxford, Michigan in 1937, attended the University of Michigan, B.S. Mathematics 1959; and double doctorates in mathematics and sociology in 1962. He was immediately hired by the university as an instructor, and was a full professor in the mathematics department by 1966. He quit in 1967, however, and moved to a remote home in Arizona. He spent the next 15 years investing in the stock market, making large amounts of money. Morrow Industries was founded in 1972, as the focus of a variety of businesses; but much (not all) of the organization was sold off in 1985. His personal net worth at that time was about 350 million dollars -- he was on the Forbes 400 list. He was known for being reclusive after 1975.


Within the Project


     The Council of Tomorrow was founded in 1962; some of the anachronistic technology later used by the Project (e.g., resistweave, cryosleep and medical items) was provided by Bruce Morrow at that time. The Project itself was started in 1967; boltholes, bases and caches were being constructed from about 1977 onwards. Morrow was "absent" from 1975 to 1979, and when he reappeared it was with more examples of high technology (specifically the lasers and fusion reactors).