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Races and Creatures of Thedas

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This listing is mostly for various beings not found in "regular" Dragon Age sources.



     A humanoid race, encountered underground. Not apparently Darkspawn or blighted. Somewhat short, with long ears; their shamans apparently practice a form of spirit magic. Possibly related to elves in some way; their language is an archaic or degenerate form of Elvish, in any case; their name for themselves might be a form of the Elvish word "forgotten". They are skilled miners and smiths; their normal weapons are bows and swords. They maintain herds (swarms?) of large insectile creatures; Our Heroes aren't currently sure how these big bugs are employed by the Dearmed. It's not clear if anyone on the surface knows of their existence; they are certainly unknown to Ferelden culture, and only briefly encountered by Our Heroes.



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