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Dragon Age - Treasures of Thedas

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Details of enchanted and noteworthy items that are now, once were, or are going to be in the possession of our heroes. Feel free to add any uncommon items in your character's possession. Item names in red indicate presence at the archive at the Moon Peak (that is, not in the possession of a player-character or NPC).





Dearmed Swords

Crafted of glory metal, these long swords are pale gold in color with elaborate elven decoration. They do not tarnish and stay quite sharp. The pommel is integrated with the tang and hilt; gloves or a leather wrapping for the hilt are needed to wield them comfortably.  STR min=0, damage=2d6, accurate (+1 Attack), piercing (+1 damage once past armor), enchanted (can hit spirits, revenants, etc).

Held by: Bran (1), Eornan (1), the Dalish (3).


Dearmed Bows

Possibly made from insect chitin; the reinforcing may be glory metal. They have the game stats of long bows, and use long bow arrows. One is carried by Eornan.


Helwyr Honor Axe

3d6+2 base,+2 to resist taint, +2 damage to darkspawn, sheds light that darkspawn cannot see (variable, 3 candle glow to quite bright - need Magic stat of 1 or higher to adjust), 2 rune slots:  

    • Journeyman Cold Iron Rune:  +3 damage to undead

    • Journeyman Silverite Rune:  +3 damage to darkspawn



The story of this ironbark longbow's creation has been lost. Though it appears not to have been created by a mage's hand and no trace of lyrium can be detected within it, it has the uncanny habit of sending its shafts through the hearts of the beasts it is used to hunt. Whenever a shot fired from Wolf-killer generates stunt points it also inflicts a free (0 SP) Lethal Blow stunt in addition to the normally selected stunts. Superior benefits:  Minimum Strength -1; Talent level bonus one level; Focus benefit:  yes; short range 39 yards, long range 104 yards. Currently in the possession of Landon.




Graeton's Light Mail

This is a set of veridium ring mail integrated with well articulated hardened leather that wears like leather (Light Armor skill/Rogue class advantage apply) and affords 7 points of armor protection rather than the standard 5 for ring mail.  Previously worn by a human, the armor is now sized for a 5' 6" elf.


The Infinite Shield

A square of some unidentified material, shimmering like polished gold. It has two crude leather straps attached to opposite edges. Created by the dwarven smith Alrid Gault, it is nigh-indestructible (we surmise).  




Wyvern Skin Bracers

Magical, they provide AR 4 (not cumulative with other armor/spells), Speed +1, Initiative +1, no mana strain, weight 1 pound. Currently being worn by Landon, who much prefers them to his shoddy leather armor.




Carney's Badge

A metal emblem a few inches across, with six arms. There is a central reddish stone, and smaller gems on the arms -- each a different color. The smaller gems each bear a single letter of the elven alphabet. Grey told us that the item was a key to some eluvians; Bran dug it up from under Carney's memorial tree. Currently held by Bran.



A small, clear crystal about 1.5" tall that glows continuously.



They are usually attached to a cord or leather thong, to be worn around your neck. Currently Eornan, Bran, Garrick and Alpheus each have one.


Owl Pendant

Found on a dead elven rogue. Currently with Eornan.


Wolf Ring

Found on a dead elven rogue. It makes people slightly transparent; and perhaps has other functions. Currently with Eornan.


Fennec Pendant

Purchased in Montsimmard. This is a small bronze depiction of a running fennec; it's of elven make.


Ring of the Archmage

This ring has three green gems around the band that glow with a soft internal light. These are also a popular commission from the dwarves who live in Tevinter. The wearer of this ring may expend one of three charges in the ring when casting a spell. If they do, the ring supplies 10 Mana for the casting of the spell (excesss Mana is lost). When one of these charges is used, one of the gems goes dark. The ring recharges every day, at the rate of one charge per day. Zoe had this item, but it's most recently in the possession of Sextus.


Athras' Ring

This simple ring made of woven gold bears tiny elven script around the outside of the band. It was the ring of Athras (the ancient mage/healer elf whose life Landon had relived a few months ago). It has some power conferring aid in the blending and creation of elixirs, and helps resist acid. Currently worn by Landon.


Bloodthirsty Ring

This ring looks carved from old bone, and is set with a black stone. The Bloodthirsty ring adds an additional 1d6 points to any attempt by a blood mage to take blood from a victim to power spells. When doing so, it takes 3 points for itself.  First seen on SE Montaine, this item is likely to end up with the Wardens -- specifically Sextus.


Wavy Ring

Donated by Lord Penn, adds +2 to Willpower. Currently worn by Bran (transfer from Landon on 20th Cloudreach).


Air of Confidence

This ring was gifted to a hero named Evra, for saving a Circle of Magi from great peril. Though not as famous as the ring that shares their name, Evra always wore this ring, even in sleep. While this ring is worn, the wearer always counts their maximum Health as 1 higher per character level. Currently worn by Landon; taken from Ser Olin.


Dragonling Claw Earring

+2 on saves versus fire, -2 damage from fire. Works vs normal and magical fire. Currently in Landon's possession, received (again) from Bran.




Warm and Toasty Socks

These soft, thick socks hold a minor enchantment that keeps the wearer's feet warm. The socks also remain clean and dry, but provide no armor protection and can be easily cut. The enchantment will expire in three months -- which is to say that the current set will un-enchant in the middle of Drakonis; you can expect to again have chilly, wet and scuzzy tootsies.

A gift from Jayce to Bran, Daniella, Eornan, and Landon.


Robes of the Gifted

The previous owner of these robes was a talented but shy mage. This mage, called Toris, had his robes enchanted so that he would be harder to notice. The wearer of this robe may activate the robes as an activate action. While they are activated, the robes magically alter the appearance of the wearer so that their clothing appears the same as those around them. For example, if they stand in a group of soldiers, the robes mimic the look and sounds of armor and even match the heraldry on the others’ armor. There must be at least 3 others who wear similar outfits to copy, or the robes enchantments cobble together several different looks, making the wearer stand out even more. Currently worn by Landon.



This tough rope, on close inspection, is crafted from several materials like wood fiber, spider silk, and dandelion fluff, to name a few.
This belt can be used as a 20 yard rope that grants a +2 bonus to Strength (Climbing) checks that are aided by the rope.
Wearing the belt grants the wearer a +3 bonus to Strength (Climbing) tests. Currently worn by Landon.




Please note: Reading books and getting anything out of them will be an Advanced Test. Some books are better written than others and their test thresholds will reflect that. It is, of course, entirely possible to finish a book and still not be able to do what it claims to teach to do. You will not know the quality of a book until you have spent enough time with it to attempt a first advanced test. Minimum of 4 hours per test.


Wrale's Private Library


All texts are written in Ancient Tevene.  Their high quality and generally excellent condition suggests either recent creation or protective magics. Retrieved from his father's library by Landon.


Signio et Tutela Mobilis 

  • "Portable Seals and Wards" focuses on the use of Creation Magic and Blood Magic to protect items, places, and people. 


  • A nine volume set that is very, very heavy on mundane architecture theory, and mechanicals -- with no direct reference to magic. 

De Nebula et Sanguis 

  • "On the Fade and Blood" is mostly filled with examples and discussions of advanced blood magic. This book also contains a spell to cast when confronted with a powerful demon in the Fade -- the spell completely drains the magician's body of usable essence (and blood), making it useless to demons. A marginal note says this "should be taught to every mage." 

Australi Botanico

  • "Southern Plants" is a large book, apparently innocuous, and the first two-thirds of it is indeed a discussion of Fereldan botany, written in Ancient Tevene. However, roughly the last third of the book is a sealed compartment, protected by magic, which contains the Maker's Tear of Andoral.  

Wrale's Personal Journal

  • The final volume of Wrale's journal, written in Korcarian (a dialect of Ancient Tevene) . 

(Needs a title)

  • A treatise on magical architecture, comparing and contrasting Tevinter techniques with those used by the ancient elves.  


Celatus Apprentice Quarters and Library


SpellCraft for Life: Growing and Thriving in the Circle

  • description:  written in King's Tongue, 5” x 7” x 1”, 1 lbs.
  • Written by Senior Enchanter Esther Itzel, translated from Orlesian
  • No actual spells, more like 'self-help' 

Andraste Watch Over You: Ethics and the Mage

  • description:  written in King's Tongue, 6” x 9” x 1 ½”, 2 lbs.

  • text on the Mage’s power and responsibility to the followers of Andraste. While apparently cracked many times, it has no writing or notes within. Translated from Orlesian.

Guide to Lightning Calculation: Tricks and techniques with advanced arithmetic

  • description:  written in King's Tonue, 6” x 9” x 1 ½”, 2 lbs.
  • No spells at all, but a decent primer on mathematics -- it is mostly equations. Translated from Orlesian.

Rays Arithmetic Series

  • description:  written in King's Tongue, six volumes, each 6” x 8” x 1” and 1 lb.
  • From simple numerals to advanced equations; translated from Orlesian.

Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic

  • description:  6” x 9” x 2 ½” and 3.5 lbs.; Novice Primal
  • Book on intermediate Primal School - you need to have a book like this in your possession to take the Journeyman Talent in Primal, but you may only acquire a talent through leveling
  • Includes the spells Arcane Shield and Wind Weaving
  • Landon brought this out of Celatus.

Create Greatness: Continue to Creation Mastery

  • 6” x 9” x 2 ½” and 3.5 lbs.; Novice Creation
  • Book on intermediate Creation School - you need to have a book like this in your possession to take the Journeyman Talent in Creation, but you may only acquire a talent through leveling
  • Includes the spells Spell Wisp and Grease
  • Landon brought this out of Celatus

Unraveling the Mysteries of the World

  • 6” x 9” x 2 ½” and 3.5 lbs.; Novice Entropy
  • Book on intermediate Entropy School - you need to have a book like this in your possession to take the Journeyman Talent in Entropy, but you may only acquire a talent through leveling
  • Includes the spells Vulnerability Hex and Decompose
  • Landon brought this out of Celatus

The Spirit Within, the Spirit Without

  • 6” x 9” x 2 ½” and 3.5 lbs.; Novice Spirit
  • Book on intermediate Spirit School - you need to have a book like this in your possession to take the Journeyman Talent in Spirit, but you may only acquire a talent through leveling
  • Includes the spells Mind Blast and Invigorate
  • Landon brought this out of Celatus

Protection and Reversal Magic - Beyond the Basics

  • description:  written in King's Tongue; 13” x 16” x 3”, 8 lbs. "double sized"; Novice Level
  • The enormous volume, translated from Orlesian, contains:
    • Arcane Shield (Novice Spirit)

    • Fade Shield (Novice Spirit)

    • Dispel Magic (Novice Spirit)

    • Glyph of Warding (Untrained Creation)

    • Repulsion Field (Journeyman Spirit)

  • Landon brought this out of Celatus

Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration - Techniques of the Wildwoods Interpreted

  • description:  written in King's Tongue; 9” x 7” x 1.5” 1.5 lbs.; Shape Shifter Specialization Journeyman
  • Translated from Orlesian. Not as 'beginner' as it sounds. This book assumes you can already transform into a house cat.
  • This book contains:  Large Animal Form +2 to cast (so if you are already specialized, this improves on the technique)

Magicales Pictograph - Libro Illustrari

  • "Glyphs: An illustrated Guide"
  • description:  written in Modern and Ancient Tevene, plus notes in King's Tongue; 7” x 9” x 1”, 1 lb.; Journeyman Level
  • This small tome has ample notes in the margins in King's Tongue, it is mostly pictures, indications possibly on the technique to draw the glyphs and some theory. The book depicts the following Glyphs:
    • Paralysis, Sealing, Preservation, Warding, Neutralization, Repulsion, Containment, Aversion, Fear, Concealment 
  • Landon brought this out of Celatus

Healer's Helpmate - Integrating first aid and magical healing techniques

  • description:  written either in Orlesian or King's Tongue; 10” x 12” x 2”, 3 lbs.; Untalented and Novice Level
  • Common book in most Circle Towers available in many languages; there are copies in Orlesian or King's Tongue. It features many illustrations and advice on how to prepare injuries (perform Chirurgery) so they can be healed by magic. Spending 40 hours with this book will allow you to go from Novice to Journeyman in Chirurgery. 
  • This book contains the spells:
    • Heal (Untalented Creation)
    • Rejuvenate (Novice Creation)
    • Memory (Novice level Spirit)
  • Landon brought this out of Celatus, written in King's Tongue

Defensive Arts of the Primal Nature

  • Translated into King's Tongue, and original source in Arcane
  • description:  two volumes, each 10” x 12” x 1.5”, 2 lbs.; Primal Novice & Journeyman
  • Includes these spells:
    • Defensive Charge (Primal Novice)
    • Flame Freeze (Primal Journeyman)
    • Shelter (Primal Novice)
    • Weather Weaving (Primal Master)
  • Mythrellen was interesting in bringing this book out of Celatus

Arcane for Enchanters

  • author:  Este Saverio, translated by Aimon Malleville
  • description:  written in King's Tongue, two illustrated volumes, each 10” x 14” x 1.5”, 3 lbs.; Untrained/Untalented
  • A book set translated into King’s Tongue from Orlesian.  You cannot learn spells from the books unless you learn Arcane first – they are used as teaching models.
    • Listen (adds +2 to Perception (Hearing) rolls for 1 hour – good for lectures) – 2 MP, TN 10 no preq.
    • Restful Sleep (intended to an injured person to sleep more healthfully and regain 1d6+6 more HP for full night’s sleep) – 2MP, TN 12 prereq. Mind Blast, can be resisted against your spell power.
    • Focus (lasts 1 hour – allows +1 to any test to study written material) – 2MP, TN 13 no prereq.
  • Mythrellen said she heard this is supposed to be good, but rare. Landon brought this out of Celatus

Molding Spells from Orlesian

  • author:  Lucien Audon, 5:68
  • subtitle:  "A Cyclopedia of Spellcraft for Speakers of King’s Tongue"
  • description:  written in King's Tongue and Orlesian, 8 x 10 x 2, 3 lbs.
  • Sketchy and terribly incomplete text translating many common words and concepts in magic from Orlesian to King’s Tongue and back. This was authored by someone who knew considerably more about spells and magic then they do about King’s Tongue or writing. Many of the translations are somewhat vague to others that are downright incomprehensible – even dangerous.
  • Mythrellen said this book is terrible.

Foundation Incantations: Core Spells for Enchanters

  • description:  written in Arcane and King's Tongue; five volume set, each volume is 9” x 13” x 2.5” and 4 lbs.
  • A five book set of considerable heft. There are numerous sets of these around and you can cherry pick books to assemble a complete set in better condition.

The set brought to Moon Peak has only four volumes -- it is missing the introductory "Chantry guilt" volume

Each College's book contains the basics of the College to go from no experience to Novice Talent in that college when the character may take a Talent as they level up. After that barrier is broken, the spells within the tome can be learned. If the readier is already a Novice Talent they can go straight to learning the spells.

  • The first book is general theory, source and manipulation of mana, nature of the Fade, piles of warnings, and Andrastian verses tossed in for good measure - unless you are missing your dose of Chantry guilt (or you are looking to sell the complete set for a tidy profit), you can probably leave the Introduction book behind.  Each of the other four books contains an introduction to each of the standard schools, and four key spells for each.  The set contains:
  • SPIRIT (Novice)
    • Spell Shield
    • Mind Blast
    • Mana Drain
    • Arcane Bolt 
  • CREATION (Novice)
    • Heal
    • Spell Wisp
    • Heroic Offense
    • Glyph of Paralysis 
  • ENTROPY (Novice)
    • Weakness
    • Daze
    • Drain Life
    • Vulnerability Hex 
  • PRIMAL (Novice)
    • Stone Fist
    • Winter's Grasp
    • Flame Blast
    • Shock

De Historia Piscium

  • "The History of Fish", author:  Franklin Willughby
  • description:  written in Moderne Tevene; 13” x 17” x 2.5”, 6 lbs.
  • There is an entire bookcase with nothing but copies of this book, and copies are tucked into many other shelves were they would fit). It is dense with text, but also has dozens of beautifully crafted woodcuts of fish.  
  • Bran took a copy to bring home to Honnleath. 

The Wizard's Necessary Companion  - Light reading for brief to longer refrains

  • description:  written in King's Tongue; two thin volumes, each 6” x 8” x 1”, 1 lb. (Creation, Spirit, Entropy, Primal all Journeyman level)
  • brief essays on the nature of magic and the world. This is an easy book to read in snippets. Finish 20 hours with this book and get +1 to cast spells (not spell power, just success) in the college of your choice. May be repeated for different colleges.
  • the referee was nice enough to say we could haul this out of Celatus

In Shadow - My Decade Living in the Brecilian Forest

  • description:  written in older King’s Tongue, 6” x 8” x 1.5” and 2 lbs.  (half of a two-volume set, the other is in the History Room)
  • Essays composed written 4:54 by a man living in the shadow of the Dalish and the Werewolves in the 4th Age.
  • This book covers a lot of survival, but also gives some details of visiting hidden hamlets within the forest including some roughly drawn maps. Hythe is one of the villages mentioned. You also have a more recent map mentioning Hythe marked in roughly the same location on the south west coast of the Brecilian.

Landon brought this volume out of Celatus, and Eornan brought the other.

On the Nature of the Weir

  • author:  Brother John Vertisa, written 4:15
  • description:  written in King's Tongue, 10” x 13” x 2”, 2.5 lbs
  • An authoritative treatise on the nature and killing of the werewolf of the Brecilian by a monk who traveled with Ash Warriors for three years. The Laidir of your group might call into question some of his more profound (and scathing) statements on the Werewolf.

Forgotten Legacies - Teventer's Hubris and the Loss of an Empire

  • author:  Yves Matond, an Alamarri scholar, compiled 1:80
  • description:  written in Olde King's Tongue, 10” x 8” x 2” – 2.5 lbs.; in very poor condition due to age.

Mabari - The Noble Hound

  • description:  written in King's Tongue; 12” x 14” x 2.5”, 6 lbs
  • A history of the Mabari from its Mage-Tevinter origins to its proper place of honor today in Ferelden. Includes chapters on the hound's many strengths and its role in defending against the werewolf. Many exquisite woodcuts and lovingly puffed up tales of the noble deeds of these hounds and their fierce bonds with their masters fill this jaw-droppingly hefty book. Written 5:30.
  • Bran slipped this into Alistair's pack -- Like I wasn't supposed to notice a monstrous 6 pound book??? -- A.

Orlesian for King’s Tongue Speakers

  • Edited by Aimon Malleville
  • The full set is eight books, but individual books are not large. 6” x 8” ¾” and 1/2 lb. each
  • Primers in the basics of Orlesian vocabulary and structure. Directed at a moderately educated young adult (ages 10 to 12) it assumes the student understands the basics of grammatical forms.
  • If you wish to learn nothing more than to read and write, you might be able to complete the set in 80 hours and get the basics of the language sufficient to muddle your way through simpler books in Orlesian. 

We may need these. Is the paper soft? 


Celatus History Hall 


Ferelden Folklore and History

  • Written in King's Tongue, 5: 35
  • 10”x 12”x 1” – 2lbs.
  • Pretty dry, no pictures, printed very densely.  
  • Bran will take it if no one else wants it.

Stone Halls of the Dwarves

  • History of the Dwarves from a Surfacer. Translated into King's Tongue from Dwarven
  • 15” x 10” x 1” – 3 lbs.   
  • Bran will take it if no one else wants it.

De Historia Piscium (see entry above)

  • more copies stashed here

I Haunted the Forest: My Decade Living in the Brecilian

  • Written in King's Tongue -- by a Ferelden Freeman, published 4:20 (this is the second volume)
  • Locates and describes a few more hamlets along with several ruins hidden in the forest (this book focuses more on the forest’s interior). Also advises how to avoid both the werewolves and Dalish in addition to other survival tips including preferred parts of the forest for different seasons.
  • Eornan brought this volume out of Celatus; Landon brought the other.

Ortum et occasum Imperii via regia gradiemur

  • The Rise and Fall of the Imperial Highway
  • Old Tevene – written 1:10 particularly difficult to read for a non-native speaker
  • 15” x 10” x 1” – 3 lbs.
  • Includes a number of wood cuts of the highway in its glory, the maps of its planned path, etc.

Landon, this ones is for you ...  

The Noble Mabari – Her Origin and Legacy

  • Written in King's Tongue
  • 10” x 8” x 2” 2 pounds
  • Tracing the origins to Tevinter breeders and relating tales of the Mabari's contribution to Ferelden history and culture.

Alamarri – Our Heritage

  • By Mertel Wysc -- Written in King’s Tongue in 3:98
  • 10” x 8” x 2” 2 pounds
  • A heavy scholarly text tracing parallels and divergences in culture of the Avvar, Chasind and Clayne. Pretty dry.

Bran will take this because it will make him look scholarly, sitting there on his shelves. 

Orlais Pendant le Règne de Tevinter

  • Orlais During Tevinter's Reign
  • Written in Orlesian; 2:90
  • 3lbs. 10” x 12” x 3”
  • Orlesian History from before Orlais was a country to the coming of Emperor Drakon.

Is the paper soft? It is over 600 years old... might get stuck in your butt cheeks. -- A. 

The Formation of the Imperial Chantry

  • Written in King’s Tongue, translated from Orlesian; 3:30
  • 3lbs. 10” x 12”  x 3”
  • History of the creation of the Tevinter’s Chantry, and the subsequent Exalted Marches. 


Celatus Languages Annex


Arcane for Enchanters (see entry above)

Orlesian for King’s Tongue Speakers (see entry above)

Molding Spells from Orlesian (see entry above)

Histoires de Héros, Héroïnes et Mystère

  • "Stories of Heroes, Heroines and Mystery"
  •  description:  written in Orlesian, 8” x 10” x 2”, 2 lbs.
  • Popular stories of Orlais.

"T" pro Tevinter

  • “T” is for Tevinter
  • A basic primer in Arcane with no King’s Tongue. As written to a seven year old child. Large type, lots of pictures.


Celatus Nash's Room


Gaen's Grimoire of Personal Power

  • description:  written in King's Tongue, a huge  9" x 12" x 3", weighing 4 pounds.
  • The subject is employing advanced spell stunts.
  • Landon took this from Celatus

After the Disciples -- Last of the Chosen

  • description:  written in Modern Tevene, weight 1 lb
  • Consists of essays on how the Maker affects people's lives. It also discusses the theological question of why there have been no more disciples or prophets.

Nash's Notes on Arcane Warriors

  • description:  written in Orlesian. Unbound.

  • Looseleaf notes on the Arcane Warrior discipline (found normally only among the elves).

  • Landon took the notes from Celatus

Lightning Staff

  • mahogany, with blue gem
  • contains a Lightning focus
  • Mythrellen took this; not sure of its eventual fate ...

Masculine Staff

  • metallic, with a braided upper end wrapping around a dark rock.
  • +1 to cast rock or earth Primal spells, +1d6 damage to earth-based Primal spell damage

Steel-gray Robe

  • nice, non-Circle style
  • absorbs impact (armor value 2)

Dark-brown Robe

  • nice, non-Circle style, espresso brown with black trim
  • absorbs impact (armor value 3)
  • helps with casting Primal spells (+2 to casting and damage)
  • Landon took this item out of Celatus


Celatus Runes and Math Shelves


Magicae Hominum Syllabrary

  • description:  written in Modern Tevene, 8” x 10” x 2”, 2 lbs.
  • "Spellman's Syllabary"

Natura Iincantationem

  • description:  written in Modern Tevene, 8” x 10” x 2”, 2 lbs.
  • "Nature of Enchantment"
  • Another one for Landon ...   

Magicae et Apprehendere 'cum Lyrium

  • description:  written in Modern Tevene, 10”x 12”x 1”,  2lbs.
  • "Handling and Enchanting with Lyrium"
  • Another one for Landon ...  Not unless you plan on making Landon into a Tranquil. -- Lisa

De Historia Piscium (see entry above)


Celatus Primal Annex


Primal Foundations and Incantations

  • not much information was provided

The History of Fish

  • more copies of this common text

un-named text on earth powers

  • not much information was provided

un-named text on techniques of natural magic

  • not much information was provided

Unleashing the Power of Primal

  • description:  possibly 2 lbs

  • seems to improve effects of primal spells you already know (provides advanced spell stunts, have to be journeyman in primal)


Celatus Potions Lab


Alchemy, Ancient Art & Science

  • description:  written in King's Tongue, 10”x 12”x 1”, 2 lbs.
  • A beginner’s tome – many copies in the class, few without too many burn marks to hold together
  • Includes recipes for: Hale’s Dust, Hales's Mercy,

Another one for Landon ...   

On Preparing Ingredients: A Guide to Safe and Effective Handling of Alchemical Components

  • description:  written in King’s Tongue, 10”x 12”x 1”,  2 lbs.
  • Poorly translated from Orlesian with occasionally disastrous results - lots of notes in the margins “Must ask Enchanter Merlych if this is correct. This sounds dangerous....” “Why do they say to put my gloves in the cauldron?” There are lots of burn, blood and smear(?) marks on these copies.

Verriers Pour Alchimique Application

  • "Glassworking for Alchemical Application"
  • description:  written in Orlesian, 8” x 10” x 1.5”, 1.5 lbs.

Bran gives this to our resident alchemist. He really does not need it. -- Lisa. He appreciates it, and leaves it at Mythalhavn.

Travail de Bougie, Techniques Avancées

  • "Candlework, Advanced Techniques"
  • description:  written in Orlesian, 8” x 10” x 1.5” and 1.5 lbs.
  • Including the Everlasting Candle, and preparations for slow-release gasses

On Combustibles and Corrosives

  • description:  written in Trade Tongue, 3 lbs., 10” x 12”  x 3”
  • This book by a dwarven miner named Grundrak discusses the use of combustibles and corrosives for best effect. It contains the formulae for both acid flasks and fire bombs. Grundrak wrote it in the Trade Tongue, certain that humans needed its advice most of all.

Another one for Landon ... 

Brouillons et Breuvages Magiques - Applications Avancées

  • "Magical Drafts and Potions -- Advanced Applications"
  • description:  8” x 10” x 1.5”, 1.5 lbs., written in Orlesian


The following tomes were found within the instructor's desk:


Encyclopédie des champignons vénéneux

  • "Encyclopedia of Toadstools"
  • description:  written in both Orlesian and King's Tongue, 10” x 12” x 3” and 4.5 lbs.
  • A very thick tome including many illustrations and limited text in both King's Tongue and Orlesian
  • Another one for Landon ... King's Tongue edition 

El Suero Antiofídico Antivan

  • description:  written in Antivan, 8” x 10” x 1.5” and 1.5 lbs.  
  • Probably something to do with poisons or cooking or both. Bran gives this to our Chirurgeon. 

Serinissimam ac Potentissimam Detrusit

  • "Moste Potente Potions"
  • description:  written in modern and ancient Tevene, 12” x 14” x 2.5”, 5 lbs. (found sitting open on a lab table)
  • Very advanced applications, including instructions for
    • “Maker's Grace” grenade
    • Lightning Grenade
    • Fel Grenade
    • Marrow Lock
    • Concentrated Soldier’s Bane
    • Quiet Death

Landon brought this out of Celatus.

De Historia Piscium (3 or more copies, see entry above)


Tendances dans la Brûlure; les Premier à Quatrième

  • "Trends in the Blight; the First through Fourth"

  • description:  written in Orlesian, 4 lbs, 12” x 14” x 2” (this is a two book set, size and weight is for each volume)

  • Dated 5:45, it traces the initial signs of a coming Blight, its evolution of progression focusing mostly in the appearance and behavior of the darkspawn.

  • Alistair brought these two books out of Celatus.

Studiorum Rubiginem Trilogy

  • Blight Studies Trilogy – In Modern Tevene
  • Disputatio ad me: Conloquia cum Genlock emissarius
    • Talk to Me: Interviews with the Genlock Emissary
    • Written in Modern Tevene; 3:45
    • A study of a captured Genlock by a Teventer researcher.
  • Natura Labe, vol 1 &2 
    • Nature of the Taint, vol 1 & 2
    • This two book series written in Modern Tevene covers the effects of the Blight on land as well as on flora and fauna.
  • Alistair brought these out of Celatus

Historien om Dyr og Planter i Anderfels

  • description:  written in Anders, 15” x 10” x 1”, 3 lbs.
  • dated 3:24; many plates of various species.
  • Pretty pictures of plants. Sounds like a job for ... Landon!  -- Funny... these plants seem pretty lush and flat-leafy. Isn't most of the Anderfels barren? -- Mythy.


Celatus Fade and Ritual Room


Finding Fade Friends

  • Written in Orlesian;

  • it was about communicating with spirits

Friends and Foes of the Fade

  • Written in Orlesian

Fade Protections

  • Written in Old King's Tongue and Ancient Korcarian; 3 pounds

  • Landon carried this out of Celatus


Celatus Entropy Room


Confronting The Faceless - Advanced Incantations Against Great Powers From the Fade

  • description:  written in Orlesian; 9" by 12" by 2"




Wolf Mask

Found on a dead elven rogue. When wearing the mask, other people have a faint glowing outline; the colors may indicate truthfulness, or hazard -- we aren't quite sure yet. Carried by Bran.


Magister's Cinch

These belts are made of several strips of a dark leathery material braided together. Each braid seems to have a vastly different temperature, and some strips even seem to have a pulse. These belts do not originate from the Imperium's Circles, but rather an apostate whose design was copied. The name was given later. When the wearer would gain Health or Mana from an item or a spell (such as a potion, or spells like Death Magic, or Heal), the wearer gains an additional amount of Health or Mana equal to half of their character level. Zoe had this item, but it's most recently in the possession of Bran.


Belt of the Magister Lords

This leather belt is linked with several golden discs which each bear a symbol for each school of magic. This is a common gift from proud Tevinter Magisters who wish to reward pupils (or place items in their pupil's possession to spy upon them). The wearer may perform the Puissant Casting stunt for 1 SP less (paying 0 SP for +1 to Spellpower, 1 SP for +2 Spellpower, and 2 SP for +3 Spellpower), but you must generate stunt points to use the belt's ability. Ashland had this item. Alpheus has this item.


Traveling Staff  

Worn on the belt on a leather strap, the staff is a 5" long cylinder with domed brass balls on its ends. Pulled from the strap it immediately (1 round) telescopes to 4' long; then, when either knob is turned it retracts to its usual length. It adds +2 damage to Arcane Lance; +1 to casting any spell in the Primal school; three times per day it gives +1 Stunt Points to a magic casting roll. Carried by Landon.


The Servants' Rations

Created for a Tevinter magister so the mage would not have to waste luggage space on provisions for the servants – this unremarkable iron box [5”x 6”x 10”, 4 lbs.] has a simple latch for a padlock (not included) once a day, [two hours before the sun rises] creates an 18 oz. loaf of dense fruit bread and can be used to pour 3 gallons of water from a spout hidden under a pivoting flap on the front end. If the loaf is not removed it during the day, the box will replace it. The water will also be replaced. Carried by Landon.


The Silver Quill

Writes without ink, erases (scratches out) its own ink. May have other less obvious properties. Weight 1/2 ounce. Currently in Landon's scroll-pouch. It would be super useful, but he's a little worried that maybe it's making copies of whatever is written somewhere else. How to find out? It does!



The Summerday Lens

Given by Bran to Landon; obtained from the Wardens at Montsimmard.



Landon's Gift to Eornan

In honor of the 2012 Gaming Quote of the Year  "Why is your cheese boy carrying a sword?" Carried by Eornan.



White Bronto War Items



Scream Catcher

A circular frame about 6" in diameter, hung with string, tassels, feathers, simple gemstones, and (in the center) a magically preserved eye. Carried now by Landon; the eye was "donated" by Dimitriv, and the whole item was presented by Reyla. Currently in Landon's possession destroyed.


Alamarri Pendant

Donated by Lord Penn, last owned by Landon. Formerly property of a lone bandit; recovered west of Highever. It has the spirit of a rogue bandit, which attempts to control the wearer, but also provides rogue-type skills and abilities.





Items from Celatus


Robes of the Sanguine Moon

These robes allow the wearer to sacrifice 1 Health Point each round in return for 2 Armor Points. Up to 4 points of Health in return for 8 points of Armor – you must declare it as an “Activate” action on your turn and it is good until the next turn. The robes may also do 1d6 +2 points of damage to anyone who hits the wearer with a hand held melee weapon – this regenerates ½ (round up) of the damage done back to the wearer.  First seen worn by Senior Enchanter Montaine.


Silver Chaos Staff

This staff gives the caster +2 to Spell Power and casting and -1MP on the cost of Entropy and Blood Magic Spells. It also causes the user to regenerate 1d2 MP every round it is used (not to exceed max MP – if in Blood Magic mode, the user will regain 1d3 HP instead). First seen with SE Montaine, the staff was currently carried by Alpheus, but is now with Sextus.


Bleeding Ruby

This is a Blood Mage’s battery. It can store up to 50 mana worth of power for use in blood magic spells. For every 20 hp you sacrifice to it, it retains 10 mp for your use. After 24 hours since your last charge, you must sacrifice 10 hp every day to the ruby to keep it from losing what you have stored. You must be in Blood Mage mode to interact with the ruby. The ruby is contained in a leather pouch on a thong worn around the neck. The pouch/gem drips blood constantly. First seen with SE Montaine, the Bleeding Ruby is likely to end up with the Wardens -- specifically Sextus.


Circlet of Ether Drinking

This plain gold earring allows the wearer to fill it with magical energy (mana) up to 18 points – at a ratio-loss of 3 to 2 – so to fill it to 2 points, you must sacrifice 3 points (to fill it the full 18 points, you must expend 27).  The earring's Mana acts as a Spell Shield, dissipating as needed in combat.  After 1 hour the mana dissipates whether used or not. First seen on SE Montaine.


Rune Items

  • a Stout Rune (Journeyman level). Weight ?

  • a stencil for a Stout Rune (this helps one resist toxins, poisons, etc.)

  • a stencil for a Momentum Rune

    • maybe also some rune blanks, depending on how much they weigh




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